ZSE40 Not Registering in ZwaveJS2MQTT

So I’m fairly new to HA but have finally started migrating over my devices from ST to HA. I’m HA Supervised on on Debian 10 with the new Zooz ZWave 700 stick. All of my devices are registering correctly other than my ZSE40 Motion Sensors. According to the ZWaveJS documentation, they are supported, however they do not register with the device ID or any other information.

While I can copy the correct JSON for the device, I’m not sure where to add it to.

Any help would be appreciated!

They are supported but as you, I came from ST so not sure if that’s the reason. I finally did get them working, only after resetting the devices following the steps in this link. Forum searches are your friend.

Wow… Not only was that quick, but super simple. Not even sure why I didn’t think of that before I posted!

Thank you very much for the response. Still new… Still learning!

Realized the link doesn’t take you to the exact reply, 403 is the one you want. Hope I didn’t come across as sarcastic, not my intent. The forum has been very helpful to me to sort out issues as get answers to my questions.

Not at all! Thanks for your guidance. I found the one needed!