Zwave configure parameters

How can I change Zwave parameter of a device manually from HA with ZWAVE JS?

The parameter list isn´t displayed in the device Settings menu. So I must send it manually.

Hi, from the Z-Wave JS Control Panel, select your z-wave device and click the down arrow to expand the options for the device (1 in the screenshot).

Then select the Configuration options for the device by expanding that tab open (2 in the screenshot).

From there, find the parameter you want to change. Then change the value by direct entry or list of options, then select the upload button to the right of the parameter (3 in the screenshot).

Thanks for your answer. I don´t see this control panel in my dashboard

From HA you can use the zwave_js.set_config_parameter service call, from Developer tools → Services. Just provide the parameter, value, and value_size fields of the service call (possibly value_format depending on the value).


An error is displayed

Well, why don’t you try setting value_format?

Hello and thanks
That isn´t the problem. What is the endpoint?

That was the problem, and now you have a new one, it’s a different error.

Can post your entire service YAML code, instead of screenshots?

Well, looks like service call does not do what the docs say it does, in other words it’s just plain broken (bug) when trying to use value_size.

To set the raw configuration parameters you’ll have to use the zwave_js.invoke_cc_api service instead, which can accomplish the same thing.

service: zwave_js.invoke_cc_api
  command_class: "112"
  method_name: set
    - parameter: 1
      value: 200
      valueSize: 1
      valueFormat: 0

Most parameters use Unsigned values, so if valueFormat: 0 doesn’t work, try valueFormat: 1.

Sorry but I don´t understant

why must I know anything about “command class” just to change a simple configuration parameter?

Too complex if it´s neccesary to change many parameters…

I was using the service: Z-Wave: Set device configuration parameter

That is the service name in the most Zwave gateways to change parameters

That’s basically what you asked for:

Because the initial service that I provided isn’t working, that’s your only option. If you want an easy to use UI for manual parameters, use Z-Wave JS UI instead.

Normally configuration parameter information is provided by the driver so HA can provide easy to use UI, entities, or services to set it. If the device is unknown then you need to take the manual approach, or get the information added to Z-Wave JS.

You never provided information about the device you are trying to set.

THANKS I´ll try installing the UI Zwave version. I had problems when I tried time ago.

Here’s a guide to switching:

This is the UI you get for manually setting config parameters:

It’s exactly the same thing as the zwave_js.invoke_cc_api service code I posted above, just in a more convenient UI form. There is zero difference in functionality.

Long term it’s best to get the config parameters defined so they are available in HA. Either 1) request the missing file and hopefully someone will add it later, or 2) submit it yourself.