Zwave-js sensors for Kwikset 914 lock...missing?

Previously I was using the alarm type, alarm level, and some other sensors to trigger events with the old zwave integration and it seems like for some reason Zwave-js doesn’t have them. Has anyone figured out a way to get them, or a workaround?

I’m also now using keymaster for lock codes and user management and without these sensors, the functionality is much more limited.


I really would like someone to tell me if they have a smartcode 914 working with keymaster and Zwave-js properly. I did all of the setup and can’t seem to get triggers for when the lock is unlocked or anything about what user unlocked it.

The status of “locked” or “unlocked” works fine, as does the auto relock. The user lock events are mainly what is missing.

You can reenable sensors that are disabled by default by going to the device page. Generally events have replace the need to trigger on sensor changes, described in the zwave_js docs.

The sensors have already been re-enabled. They simply do not work.

Do you happen to have information about the events specific to this lock?


Nevermind. I see them. I guess now I have to figure out a way to get them into keymaster. It used/uses the sensors.