Zwave-js thermostate climate entity issue when device exposes more than one temp sensor. (Heatit Z-TRM3)


I converted from OpenHAB to Home Assistant a few days ago and so far I love it. However I seem to have one issue that I haven’t managed to work around yet (please excuse me if this is something obvious and easy as my HA experience is a bit limited):

In our house we have several Thermofloor Heatit Z-TRM3 zwave thermostats. These allow one to select whether to use floor, internal or external air temperature sensors. However, when they are discovered by zwave-js (used this as it was recommended in the docs), the generated climate entity seems to default to using the internal air sensor. Is there a way I can expose one of the other sensors to the “climate:” entity?

I am asking because for some of the rooms, the thermostat is mounted outside of the room, so the internal air sensor is virtually useless for the sake of thermostat control.

I am running on the following:

  • x86 machine with Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5
  • core-2021.4.6
  • supervisor-2021.04.1
  • zwave-js addon 0.1.20
  • zwave-js integration: driver 7.2.4, server: 1.50

This screenshots illustrates the issue. The room itself is now 21.5 degrees, whilst the “climate” entity indicates 17.7 degrees

I found this hack, but from what I can tell it is not applicable to zwave-js: Unable to get current_temperature from HeatIt Z-wave thermostat - #26 by jan6en6tig

Any ways to fix this, hacky or elegant are most welcome!!

There is currently no integration agnostic way in HA to choose a sensor for a climate entity if there are multiple choices. I believe the zwave_js integration, just like ozw and zwave, will just choose the first sensor it sees. A workaround might be to create a climate template to wrap the existing one with an alternate sensor for temperature.

See also: Be able to choose temperature device on a climate device · Issue #226 · home-assistant/architecture · GitHub

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I am considering buying this thermostat. Did you figure this out?

As far as I understand you can select which type of temperature sensor it uses (cabled floor sensor/the build in room sensor/cabled external room sensor). The temperature the unit reports would be from the sensor the unit uses. What’s your experience?

Sounds like something that could be fixed in zwavejs, I’d open a ticket.

This was addressed long ago. HA automatically chooses which temperature sensor to use for the climate entity based on the reported configuration.