Zwave "last seen" in log


In the log , I see constant “last seen” lines , which brings me to the following questions:

  • How can I excluded these messages from the log ? (I think it was something with the “recorder”) for all entities ?

  • Can I use this in some kind of automation which checks the “last seen” of all devices and reports if any of those are older then a week


That is a new entity as of 2024.2. You should be able to exclude it from the logbook via configuration, and automate as usual using a state trigger, or template sensor, etc.


I’m experiencing this too. I’m having a hell of a time trying to hide it from the UI, guess I should probably try YAML

If you don’t want the functionality, just disable the entity then.

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That’s what I’ll probably end up doing. Although it definitely could be useful for future automations, the sheer amount of updates is definitely clogging up my logbook

AFAIK, excluding from the logbook is only possible from the YAML config. Would be a nice UI feature though.

Also, entities with a “unit of measurement” are automatically excluded from logbook in order to avoid issues like this. Not sure of “date” is a valid unit of measurement, but maybe this entity could be excluded by the integration.

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You can vote for this:


I have the same thing, but it started 2 days ago and slows down HA (rPi4).

I definitly pressed the vote button, but why would anyone like "last seen"to completely flood the log and slow down the system?

I’m disabling the entities because if it’s a new entity since 2024.2, I will not notice not having it, but it seems more like a bug than anything else to me, logging multiple non-events per second)


Edit: na I was correct after all… Sorry for all confusing stuff…

I have added a few lines in configure.yaml that seems to remove this from the log/recorder - this may och may not be the correct solution, so be aware:

- sensor.*_last_seen