Zwave on Synology DSM 7?

No, It was only compiled for an another user and is only a test.
You need some more files for this to work and maybe it will be a solution for bluetooth later…


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I know this topic is for Zwave, but has anyone come across a specific Bluetooth LE 4.0 or 5.0 USB dongle that works in DSM7 with the included drivers? Assuming they get enabled using modprobe or a script etc.

I’m just about to buy a Bluetooth stick and wanted to ask if there’s any ones that are known to be working.

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I use Bluetooth LE 5.0 USB dongle from Cambridge Silicon Radio with DSM7.
It works pretty stable, no errors or problems. Home Assistant runs in VM, not in Docker

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That’s great to hear. Can you share which brand/model it is? E.g. “TP-Link UB500” ? It’s not easy to tell, before buying, which chipsets are used by each dongle.

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It is a noname from China, identical to this one:

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Just FYI, inside a VM the guest OS will handle the USB devices, there’s not direct support on the host OS necessary (as opposed to using Docker).

Yes and no. The host OS still needs to be able to identify and load the physical device as a serial device or comms port at the sub-system I/O level to pass communication from an application to the device. This requires the host to have a bare bones driver. Synology DSM 7 removed about 90% of these drivers that were previously in DSM 6. This is why those on DSM 7 need to find a driver compiled for their CPU architecture and manually initiate the comms port (the three commands posted previously). After that, then yes, the device is passed to a guest and the guest container or VM handles further setup and communication/configuration such as opening the comms port. Without doing this, the host OS has no idea a device is even plugged in and therefore can’t even pass a device to a guest.

Generic USB is supported by DSM7, it just doesn’t have specific drivers for specific devices, that’s what those modules provide to Docker containers or native apps (everything that uses the host kernel directly).

A ​VM can access the generic USB subsystem (which, again, is supported by DSM7) if you enable USB passthrough so the kernel inside the VM can load its own modules to implement specific support.

E.g., this is what lsusb on DSM7 shows when I plug in a Bluetooth USB stick (for which it has no drivers):

 |__1-1.4     0a5c:200a:0001 e0  1.10   12MBit/s 100mA 3IFs (Broadcom Bluetooth USB Dongle 2035B0000001)

So it recognizes the USB device, I just can’t use it from DSM.

I can configure a virtual USB controller for my Ubuntu VM though and pass the device through:

With that, I can control the Bluetooth dongle from the VM:

$ hcitool scan
Scanning ...
	60:6D:C7:95:B3:EE	KDL-43W805C

(that’s my Sony TV)

No need for explicit DSM Bluetooth support.


I am trying to get the UZB1 dongle to work with the DS220+. I went to the jadahl site, downloaded the DSM 7 Gemini Lake files, followed the readme by copying the driver files and startup script, and restarted the DS220+ but the UZB1 is not identified when I execute the dmesg command. Do I need different drivers? Thanks.

Finally able to muster enough courage to upgrade to DSM 7. I followed Jadahl’s instructions on his site for my apollolake NAS and I am happy to share that my HUSBZB-1 dongle is working.

Just want to add to this chat to ease up the uncertainties of others who are in the same boat.


Hello Ericp how do I list the name of my USB device on DSM 7 ?

Hi midget, if you SSH into your NAS, you can do a

dmesg | grep tty

and it will show you the devices you have.

Hope this helps.

Trying to understand the current state as I’d like to upgrade to DSM 7. Given the problems with USB sticks and no ability to downgrade, I am starting to think about getting another Synology just to test on 7.0.

Currently I am running in Docker using an Aeotec Gen 5 stick. Does anyone has this Config working with that stick?

I could move to running a VM. This approach seems to be more successful on 7.0. Does anyone have this working with the Aoetec stick?

Yes it works fine for me.
I have:

  • synology nas DS-218+ running DSM-7
  • aeotec z-stick 5
  • ha running in VM

Besides i have zigbee USB stick and Bluetooth USB dongle. All works as expected.

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Awesome and that is with or without that modprobe script?

Without any scripts

I managed to get my DSM7/Docker/HA/Aeotec Gen5 Z-Stick installation work quite easily by using this guide:

The only change I made, compared to Marius’ guide, was to place the the commands under “Triggered Task” instead of under “Scheduled Task” and also to trigger the commands at NAS start-up instead of at a scheduled time.

My setup: Synology DS 716+ with DSM 7 • Aeotec Gen5 Z-Stick • Home Assistant (under Docker) • zwavejs2mqtt (under Docker).

I upgraded to DSM7 and didn’t have to do anything to get my Aeotec Gen5+ Z-stick working. So noo guide to follow in my case :slight_smile:

Strange. I wonder why the stick didn’t show up for me in DSM7 by default then? :thinking:

My USB path settings in zwavejs2mqtt is /dev/ttyACM0). How do you refer to it in your HA settings (or in your z-wave broker) – /dev/ttyUSB0 ?

Or did you do anything else to make the Aeotec Gen5 Z-Stick appear by default?

To be clear, I have not installed Jadahl’s drivers, or anything else, besides the startup script I refer to in my previous post.


My device is configured as /dev/serial/by-id/usb-0658_0200-if00
I use ZwaveJS
The only thing I think I did was in Synology Virtual Machine Manager again assign the USB stick to the Virtual Machine.