Zwave setup fails after update to 0.90.2

I just updated my HA server to version 0.90.2, and zwave has stopped working. Everything was fine before the update, so I assume the update may have broken something. I used pip to update my installation like I normally do (pip3 install --upgrade homeassistant).

When starting HA, my logs show the following messages:

2019-03-31 09:35:45 ERROR (SyncWorker_6) [homeassistant.util.package] Unable to install package homeassistant-pyozw==0.1.2: Failed building wheel for homeassistant-pyozw
  Failed cleaning build dir for homeassistant-pyozw
Command "/home/homeassistant/srv/homeassistant/bin/python3 -u -c "import setuptools, tokenize;__file__='/tmp/pip-install-215f8nei/homeassistant-pyozw/';f=getattr(tokenize, 'open', open)(__file__);'\r\n', '\n');f.close();exec(compile(code, __file__, 'exec'))" install --record /tmp/pip-record-kctho2b2/install-record.txt --single-version-externally-managed --compile --install-headers /home/homeassistant/srv/homeassistant/include/site/python3.6/homeassistant-pyozw" failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-install-215f8nei/homeassistant-pyozw/
2019-03-31 09:35:45 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.requirements] Not initializing zwave because could not install requirement homeassistant-pyozw==0.1.2
2019-03-31 09:35:45 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup failed for zwave: Could not install all requirements.

During the update to 0.90.2, I noticed that the homeassistant-pyozw package appears to have been updated from version 0.1.2 to version 0.1.3. In the errors above, however, HA appears to be attempting to rebuild version 0.1.2? I’m not sure. But perhaps that’s the issue? Is 0.90.2 somehow not compatible with homeassistant-pyozw 0.1.3?

Any advise would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

try to pip install the .12 version and then reinstall HA after that’s done and see if it builds

I did the following to downgrade homeassistant-pyozw:

pip3 install -I homeassistant-pyozw==0.1.2

That appears to have worked. The HA start-up errors are gone and my zwave configuration is back. I guess HA 0.90.2 is not compatible with pyozw 0.1.3? Did pyozw 0.1.3 get pushed out too early?

0.1.3 is for HA 0.91
i upgraded to 0.90.2 last night and it’s still using .12
so when 0.91 of HA is released it will go to .13

I had to downgrade to 0.90.1 to get Zwave working

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