Zwave stopped working after reset

I’ve recently completed a fresh Hasbian installation and everything appeared to be working fine until I rebooted this morning and my existing zwave devices which had been working were now showing up as Unknown. I removed the zwcfg_#.xml and reset the controller (Zstick) then restarted home assistant but that has made things worse and now I’m not getting any useful information from the nodes in the network.

The log is showing “There is no SUC ID Server (SIS) in this network”, “Controller Does not Support SUC - Cannot Setup Controller as SUC Node”, “Failed to load device_classes.xml” and “Unable to load /srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.5/site-packages/python_openzwave/ozw_config/manufacturer_specific.xml”

Any ideas what I’ve done wrong and how to fix it?


Resetting the controller will have wiped all the inclusions, so you’re starting from scratch.

The error messages about loading suggest that there’s a problem with your install. I’d advise you to stop Home Assistant force a reinstall of python-openzwave:

$ sudo -s /bin/bash homeassistant
$ source /srv/homeassistant/bin/activate
$ pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall python-openzwave

Hopefully that’ll fix it.

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Tinkerer sir you are a legend.

Force reinstalling python-openzwave and deleting the zwcfg_#.xml sorted it. Thanks.