Zwave support?

Is z-wave supported on Cant find much info about how to configure/install zwave on

Yes z-wave run fine on

It run like a normal Linux Installation, so it have no specific configuration.

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I just tested the configuration, its much easier now with the latest 0.45 update from HA.


usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0

Only the homeassistant configuration is needed. All other are in docker Image.

Oh cool! :smiley: time to use the snapshot and remove the package i installed then, keeping it nice and tidy

I’ve just tried running sudo apt-get install libudev-dev from my terminal and I’m getting an error to say

-ash: sudo: not found

What am I doing wrong:?

Please read my post: [quote=“pvizeli, post:4, topic:18360, full:true”]
Only the homeassistant configuration is needed. All other are in docker Image.

What about OZWCP? Most of the time, z-wave configuration requires using it; but it is not available – at least, I could not find it :slight_smile:

1 Like support only our internal zwave panel. But it is possible to write a addon for OZWCP. At the moment we have no free resource and we do not plan to make a core OZWCP addon. Feel free to write one and share it with community:

Fair enough; however, I believe this makes the current experience with setting up a z-wave automation quite frustrating.

Maybe it’s my fault – I am definitely new to the game, and I might have done something totally wrong – but when trying to setup my automation (heavily dependent on z-wave), I encountered a lot of issues (e.g.: cannot rename nodes) for which the common resolution in the forums was “use OZWCP”.

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Nodes can be renamed via the Zwave menu in HomeAssistant.

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OK, let me give a bit more of background: I did use the rename function in the zwave menu, but it did not work. When looking in the forum, I found several post telling to use OZWCP, so I posted here.

But from what you said, either this is a bug to report, either I did something wrong. I will open another thread :slight_smile:

Once you rename them via the menu, you have to restart HomeAssistant.

OK, thanks for the support.
I was able to have my z-wave mesh up and running using, and I can confirm that everything works very fine.
Restarting did the trick – a bit annoying, but on the other hand, you do not rename items that often :slight_smile:

I was inspired to go write an OZWCP add-on. The docs on doing so were really good!
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