Zwave Thermostats

What Zwave Thermostats is everyone using?

I have a nest currently but am really not using any ‘nest’ functions. It would be nice to get one more of my home automation devices disconnected from the cloud. Plus I can sell it, pay for the zwave variant and have some cash in my pocket. I am open to a wifi model but want to drop the cloud connection requirement and most seem more expensive than a zwave option or require a cloud connection.

I basically just set the temperature. During the day I let the house warm up/cool down to save energy which could easily be done with automations. So those functions and a connection to HA is all I really need, I am really controlling the thermostat from HA and not using any ‘smart’ functions or programming.

Pretty simple set of automations right now, I think all of this could be done with a pretty basic thermostat.

I have two of these $75 each:

I felt spending $200 on a thermostat that is cloud connected to be unacceptable when I can get the same features via HA.

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Thanks for the input. That looks like a nice simple option, can’t beat the price.

The Nests aren’t cheap, however, my Gas and Electric providers both provide rebates that bring the price down significantly and actually make it closer to the other zwave and wifi options.

The utilities here like to bend you over a barrel no rebates on anything even EV charging in home. :frowning:

@silvrr, I also have the GoControl Z-Wave thermostat and it works wonders.


Interesting. Both Gas and Electric here (Chicago) provide rebates on energy efficient appliances, AC / Furnace, Thermostats and bulbs. The bulbs are kinda nice, its right at $1 a bulb for LED bulbs at Home Depot / Lowes due to electric company rebate.

One more thing I forgot. Is the fan exposed as a separate control? I like to run my fan sometimes to just circulate air. If have an automation to run the fan if the AC/Heat hasn’t run in an hour.

Can the Nest “Airwave” feature be easily replicated in HA?

My builder installed shitty CFLs around the house that I’ve be replacing when I can. I hate that slow brightening they have, I even gave them shit on my final walkthrough saying they should have installed LED. Again, no rebates on that either… but I’ve given the power company a big FU by getting solar installed :wink:

On the Go Control you can set the fan to “On” or “Auto”.

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See the last automation in the link I posted above. Something similar could be done (less automated) with an input select to specify a duration and have an automation monitor that and kick the fan on for the time selected.

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Interesting, thanks!

I’m using a Radio Thermostat CT101 which I got from here:

It has a separate fan control, and I have had no problems with it at all.

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I know this is an old post, but I wanted to ask if you still like your CT101? I have a aeotec zwave usb stick for my hassio. Should I be able to connect HA to the CT101 with that or do I need the IRIS hub? Any other issues? Will I be able to switch from Heating to Cooling mode from an HA automation? Many thanks if you have time to answer my questions.

I have two CT101’s that I use. They are paired to a Vera z-wave hub. I have no issues with them, and am able to switch from Heating to Cooling, and adjust the target temperature all from automations.

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Thanks for the update. Much appreciated.