ZwaveJS2MQTT and Qubino Flush dimmer

Dear all,

not sure if this is the proper forum to post it in, but I’ve recently moved to the ZWaveJS integration (using supervised ZwaveJS2MQTT). I’ve a variety of devices (aeotec, fibero, qubino) and all lights are working well except the Qubino Flush Dimmer (ZMNHDA). I can set the level manually just fine, but the toggle button to turn on or off is not working. Manual switching on the light doesn’t change the state in HA, and when I toggle the HA button for it, it just goes back to its previous state after a second or two.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I have this same problem. In fact, apparently I have both ZMNHDA and ZMNHDD devices, unsure what the difference is, and the ZMNHDD version works just fine, but the ZMNHDA has the mentioned faulty behaviour.

Same problem here.

I’ve opened a ticket for zwavejsmqtt and working with the developers to get this resolved (hopefully). Will post our findings here! So far, it appears the ZMNHDA device advertises “currentValue” on Endpoint 0 when it is interviewed, but when the values are updated it sends them to Endpoint 1 currentValue which isn’t part of the initial interview and therefore no entity gets created in HA…

Has this issue been resolved already? Could you post here a link to the issue what you have opened?

I am having similar problems with 1 and 2 relays, all Qubino.

Never mind, I’ve found it.

I’m I right that this is about: ?

I guess my issue with the ZMNHND is the same. Setting is done on 37-0-currentValue, but reply is coming back on 37-1-currentValue

Hi @all, I’ve got the same issue. Manual switching does not change the state in ha.

Qubino FlusDimmer ZMNHDD.

Is the issue solved already…. useing workaround?

Thx a lot!

Is there a solution here ?

Same problem here. Anything new?

@mastrusr, @fisch55 have you set bindings under the Groups tab of the device?

Unfortunately the behaviour of the Qubino devices depends on their firmware version and the old ones cannot be just updated OTA, you have to send it back to Qubino.

I would advise to open an issue in the GitHub repo (not HA, but the ZwaveJS), but actually search for one before, because it might have been discussed a few times how the bindings should be set to report immediately the changes from the physical button/switch.

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Thanks for the reply. I was a bit quick with my reply before. I have the problem where I can control the light from HA but HA won’t update correctly when using the physical button. The dimmer is v1.1 so same problem as described here:

I will do some more testing when I get time and I will also write to Qubino about updating the dimmers…

I have found the following solution… Which also finally works.

Parameter 100 to 0
Parameter 101 to 0
Flushdimmer exclude without reset!!!
Flushdimmer include again

And status from physical switch works fine.

Tested Qubino Dinmer FW1.1

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Thanks, I will try it. I used this in HC2 before but I’m changing to HA and there I used I2 as a binary switch. Will play around with it and if it doesn’t work I’ll put that somewhere else and use a fibaro dimmer which works perfectly.

Do you know if the switches can be used with updated firmware from qubino?

No - this FW is not updatable….

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Not even by sending the unit to Qubino? I thought I read that somewhere…

Ok , Not OTA .