ZWaveJS2MQTT Scenes

I am trying to use my GE light switch, which enables using double/triple clicks, and holds for scenes. I am trying to figure out how I access those functions so I can use them in home assistant. Does anyone have any tips to get this started?

I have these switches (in fact I just installed them last week), and I use zwavejs2mqtt, but I use manual mode for configuration which likely differs from your mode of configuration. What I would suggest is to snoop on your mqtt messages that zwavejs2mqtt generates, and then double-tap your switch to see what MQTT messages are generated, and then configure HA accordingly.

Here is another reference if you want to use zwavejs-server websocket

How do you snoop on the mqtt messages? New to this advanced portion of zwave.

You may need to search around for how to do this, as it depends on what your HA Setup is and what other systems you may have. But as an example, I use mosquitto for MQTT Broker, and mosquitto also provides an MQTT client that you can use to subscribe to all topics and it is the latter that allows me to snoop on MQTT messages.

I am using zwavejs2mqtt without MQTT (using Home Assistant WS connect). Is there no way to run a scene directly?

This issue (that I encountered) made that I have no scene’s on my Fibaro FGD211 & FGD212. It is not an issue that is directly related to MQTT but more to the Zwave implementation. It could be that you have the same issue.