1.5.0 Feedback

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I always get that. This started about 2 versions ago.


This helped me!


Just updated the beta and to hass 0.80 and I noticed that now the checkboxes on the signing screen for things like “iOS component loaded” armed “x”s instead of checks. Config hasn’t changed at all


force close the app and reopen it


i’m testing the last version (1.5.0 (17)) whith the iBeacon functions.
I already use iBeacons in my home with OwnTracks. But to use them i configured their ID in OwnTraks app.
How I can configure them in Home Assistant/Home assistant app too?



Thank you so much, I missed that doc. Now I’m up and running.

Configurator not working in iOS App

Does this mean that OwnTracks becomes redundant for my iPhone and iPad?


There is a usecase for tracking things like keys that move with owntracks where the lat/lng are set as “0” and so their position is sent with the gps location of the device.

This usecase replaces sending that gps location with the name of the beacon region I believe.


Yes, it does


I brought this up as well, I hope to be able to re-enable this exact case very soon!


Great. I can then stop using both Owntracks and MQTT (at least for this purpose).


So far it works well and is more stable than OwnTracks


I’ve been doing some trial and error with iBeacons and was wondering how I can clear my zones in the iOS app. I’ve commented them out of all config or customize files and restarted homeassistant, yet my old zones show up in the homeassistant app.

I have an iBeacon at work that used to be at home and my phone keeps logging its location to “home” when it detects the iBeacon.


same problem: i found no way to refresh the zone configuration in the app, if the zone configuration changes in home assistant.

since i occasionally add or tweak zones, it would be nice to have an option to refresh the zone configuration in the app or have the app do that itself.

also missing a feature ffor ibeacons similar to owntracks, where a major and minor value of 0 would dentify all icons with a similar UID and any major/minor value (so that i can use serveral distinct ibeacons within my home zone with the same UID but different major/minor values)…


I was able to reset the zones by just reinstalling the app. I don’t change zones much in my config, but I’d like to know if there is a better way to do this.


Could you explain? I get this too with basic auth with 1.5.0(17)


Don’t use basic auth - it’s for something different. You should not need to use any options behind advanced settings.


Of course i would want that. I dont trust my HA instance directly on the internet without my own control of auth.


Don’t use basic auth!!!
This is NOT the same as HA Auth.