1.5.0 Feedback

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Are you hosting your HASS instance behind NGINX? Mine had to do with NGINX blocking traffic from the iOS app.


@bachya, are you able to connect the app to ha with nginx basic auth enabled ?

I have a dozen servers behind nginx and all except HA have nginx basic auth enabled. Gives me a single point for authentication and fail2ban etc. But if I enable nginx auth for my ha subdomain then the app cannot connect and I get the “Connect Error” dialog you link above. I had hoped the advanced options would enable this but no luck.

Very interested if you have managed to get this to work and how.


Unfortunately, I’m not of much help here: I forward all authentication to HASS and don’t do it at the NGINX level.


So I’ve noticed an issue with being in the “home” zone and it switching back and forth from “home” to a nearby (4-5 miles away) zone 15-20 times between arriving home after work and departing in the morning. Is there a way to only allow GPS “plotting” or location changes when the accuracy is say…100 or 150 meters? I’ve seen several location updates where the accuracy is 1500 or worse…


It would be nice to be able to choose ibeacon and/or gps for entry and exit respectively. I think the best option for me is ibeacon for entry and gps for exit. Now I enter (gps) before being home. Ibeacon is pretty exact determining entry. However, it tends to loose contact why gps (at least for me) is better for exit.


A little off topic here, but as @DavidFW1960 pointed out, “Basic Auth” and HA’s auth are two different things. “Basic Auth” is where your browser pops up a dialog asking for user/pass. This is the way auth worked back in the olden days of the internet when only a browser would ever be accessing a site, and is basically not really done anymore. And as you found out, does not easily work with apps or other non-browser based access.

In Home Assistant, they’ve now implemented a good auth system that’s on by default. A few versions ago, when you updated HA, it made you create a user/pass. So make sure you have a strong pass, and turn on multip-factor authentication (Hamburger Menu->[your initials]->Multi-Factor Authentication module. Finally, make sure you either set HA to have it’s own certificate and only be accessible over https, or put it behind a https proxy like NGINX or Traefik (if in docker).

At this point, you have an extremely secure setup that can be exposed to the internet.

For now, leave your api_password:in your http: section of your config. You will still need that for the iOS app until the next update comes out, which should be soon, because it’s in beta. At which point, you will be able to use the user/pass in the iOS app as well, and you can remove the api_password:


I can’t seem to get the ibeacon to work. It shows the UUID in the location settings of the app. I set up Launcher app and that triggers fine but HA device tracker status never changes and I never receive notifications (turned ibeacon enter/leave notifications on).


Not sure who this comment was too - but if it was to me- that doesn’t solve the issue



Does anyone know hon one can verify of the iBeacon is working or not. I cannot see anything in the device_tracker’s attributes. I have activated enter/exit zone via ibeacon notifications. I do not get any.

Can it be that if I enter via GPS first then there is no entry via ibeacon and as only GPS is used for exit there is no exit via ibeacon?

I know my ibeacon worked when using Owntracks.

I also wander (again) if it would be possible to have options in the setup so that one could elect to use either GPS or ibeacon for entry and exit respectively and not to have this being determined in the background?

Interesting to understand how it works.


Any ETA on Shortcuts support? Really excited to get started with Shortcuts and Homeassistant.


Turn on notifications on zone entry/exit triggered by beacons and use that to test as it should alert you - it does in my case here. iBeacons typically are very fast to trigger versus GPS.


Can you turn off GPS entry/exit altogether and just use iBeacons?


I have turned on notifications. Almost always GPS reacts first, but sometimes several minutes before I arrive at my home. In that case no notification is given when the ibeacon is reached as I have already entered the zone. My ideal setup would be ibeacon on entry and GPS on exit.


Mine would be iBeacons for both entry and exit. I have enough iBeacons scattered around the house to tell when I am home or not but the GPS wanders up to 300 meters when indoors and relying on cell tower triangulation.


Yes, in thar case ibeacon would be ideal. I have only one which is much too unstable (looses contact). I am not sure but off the zone is set to passive the GPS is turned off but the ibeacon may still work.


First of all, thanks for your great work on the app!

Just FYI, I confirm this issue:

It’s really problematic, as security in IOT is a concern.


HA set up through SSL and enabling two-factor authentication is more secure (due to the TFA, mostly).


If tomorrow a security bug happens (and it will happen), I prefer being safe behind a KISS basic_auth

It’s not I don’t trust the fact the devs are trying their best, but the history shows any software is compromised one day…


@robbiet480 can we please have zone entry and exit on iBeacon only (no GPS)?


@bachya can you explain how you fixed it? I also get the same error :frowning: