1.5.0 Feedback

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I have the same issue with the location prompt.
Any fix for that?


Refresh Tokens do not display correctly in the profile page. No token is visible but the delete trashcan icon is visible for each token.


This is more cosmetic, but is there any way to lower the bottom white button bar, seems like a good half inch of wasted screen real estate to me.
Other than that, 1.5 works great on iPhone X.


Anyway to make the top colour adjust to the theme, when using iPhone X and above? And maybe also the bottom bar and icon colours?


I’m running the latest 1.5.0 version and have several zones being tracked by the IOS app that I have deleted from Home Assistant. One of the updates in 1.5.0 is to “store zone information in Realm (the development platform?) for easier access.”

Is there any way to clean out the zones that are no longer defined in Home Assistant without deleting and reinstalling the app? There is a ‘Reset’ button on the settings page. If I do a Reset, will I have to reenter all of the setting information again?


I couldn’t find an answer to this so I just deleted and reinstalled the app. The only thing you have to do is give the app permission to notify you and track your location. I believe you phone stays in the known_devices.yaml file within Homeassistant so all the other settings stay.


Why does the Network Name (ssid) matter when connecting? I am using both a 2.4Gz and 5GHz Network in my home with different ssid names. I prefer the 5GHz network, but the 2.4 has better reach.
Only one is able to log into HA via the App because the Advanced Connection Setting restricts connection to one ssid network name.


I can’t get connected at all.

The panel at the top that’s supposed to show discovered HA installations is showing an IP that never had a server on it.

When I try to manually enter an address (either hassio.local or the full IP), I still can’t connect. I had been getting errors about the password not being accepted, but I fixed that by taking http: authorization out of my config.

Now when I press “Validate and Save”, I get no response of any kind. But at least it’s not an error. When I press “Done” in the top right, I get a blank screen with the settings gear at the bottom and an “X” where the reload arrow usually is.

Any idea what’s up?


I’m still getting the crash trying to open the Settings screen when connected to WiFi (on a WiFI only iPad Air 2) in the latest version (no error, just quits to the home screen), with the only workaround being to open it with WiFi disconnected and then connecting. Do you need any more information about this?


Push notifications in the latest build seem very flaky. If HASS gets restarted at all, they seem to stop working (and start working again under no discernable circumstances).


I haven’t found that at all. It has been very reliable. Have you updated your push settings in the app?


The “Current Network Name” is at “Unknown” when I connect to home wifi. Does any one else have this issue?
I have the “Use Internal URL” setting enabled and currently using the 1.5.0 (24) version.


Multiple times.

EDIT: My fault; ignore the above. :joy:


“Added payload logging to device tracker service calls.”

This in 1.5.0(26).

How do I follow this logging?



With the latest version(1.5(26)) I seem to be having issues with the app randomly entering/exiting my home zone via a beacon while I am still at home. Sometimes it’s when moving between rooms occasionally it’s when the phone hasn’t moved and is in one room.

I have one beacon setup at home and i just use it for updating my location when I arrive home. I rely on GPS for exiting the home zone.

State change when leaving zone?

I have the same issue. Also with the build 26.


I’m having the complete opposite problem. I cant get iBeacons to trigger at all. I only get (infrequent) gps updates.

How are your zones and iOS tracking settings set?

Mine are:

zones.yaml contains:

- name: 'Home'
  latitude: !secret home_lat
  longitude: !secret home_long
  radius: 50

customize.yaml contains:

  track_ios: true
    uuid: E2C56DB5-DFFB-48D2-B060-D0F5A71096E0
    major: 0
    minor: 0

My iOS app tracker settings in the ios app are:like so (click to enlarge):

(note screenshot was taken before I updated the radius to 50m) it has updated to 50m).

Enter/Exit Zone using only iBeacons

So far 1.5 is working very good for me and my wife!

The kids are running 1.1.1 since they cannot run TestFlight due to an age restriction (13y old minimum) and I have no success running the location tracking on their phones.

When is the plan to release 1.5 it to the public?


Only showing the badge number on the Home screen still does not function without also using a message.I guess it was meant to work in app release 1.1.1.
“Support customization of notification display options (see online docs for this, but allows you to specify badge/alert/sound or any combination of the three for each notfication”


I have significant location change updates disabled and enter/exit zone notifications by ibeacon enabled:

Yet I still see this: