2022.11: A heck of a release!

But is reverse engineering a protocol a legal thing to do? I believe it is in the EU, for interoperability reasons. Not sure about the rest of the world.

We all have choices. My choice was: Not even bother to plug a Bluetooth stick into my HA machine. No bluetooth here. Thats it. :wink:

You know, I know, readers on this forum may know. Joe average does not. Joe average is just pleased it worked for them and their wife without hassle.


Well, waiting for those special wifey’s toys getting into action! :rofl:

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well, at least these BT homekit devices are locked in?

Scherm­afbeelding 2022-11-11 om 11.54.24

it’s connected over the Bt extender, but paired and can not be seen on any other device.

So for the sake of Open Home, Home assistant could write to steer away from pure Ble devices, and always try HomeKit if must be.

otoh, this might be one of the devices I wouldn’t mind informing my neighbors to come have a look when alerted :-//

new find: when was this introduced:

device_class: moon__phases ?? core/sensor.py at 6517e3e21e5828a317ea8b814d0345f2536b9170 · home-assistant/core · GitHub must be a fluke/typo?
also, the name of the entity… never noticed until today, when helping a fellow user elsewhere.


this all is intended, see: Moon platform with moon phases pictures - #36 by Mariusthvdb

That’s exactly it. And you could even add to this: Joe doesn’t care. Because from personal experience with family and friends, they just don’t care. My Dad’s wifi password used to be 12345678. He was annoyed ‘it had to be this long’. It drove me insane. I tried to explain why it’s a bad idea, etc etc. He just didn’t care, as long as it worked easily.

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please don’t let him use smart locks… (which are a bad idea anyhow).

All the HomeKit stuff is encrypted on top of the existing protocols, and they seem to have done a pretty good job of making it secure.

Almost all of those cheap bluetooth lights have no encryption and are are wide open.

Most of this stuff relies on humans not being evil… but so does most of the world


at least that is some relief, and a hint for what typ of devices to use. Glad you can confirm my earlier conclusion (hope) on the matter.

Good afternoon. is there a way to disable the option to show the average, maximum and minimum when we load an entity?

analyzing when the entity is not consuming anything for a period of time is very useful. for example: a dehumidifier is on but is full and has stopped, a pc has restarted… now looking at the graph we can’t see that.

The example shows this. When I click on the entity, the average appears, which indicates that in the place where the arrow is, the dehumidifier went to 51 W. But actually when we entered the history, we saw that it stopped


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The history graph change is absolutely ridiculous, and even more ridiculous is the way the devs completely ignore the community. WHO wanted a change like this other than a completely out of touch dev?
The “We don’t like giving users options” bull crap is going too far. The old history graph code is still there, still maintained, and still in use. Give us the option to use it!

My history graph goes backwards time! Tell me this is what the community wants.



Hi there, I have added two water meters to energy dashboard. Now they sum up the consumption but I’d like it to be just like in the electricity one: my second meter is a sub meter, measuring how much I use in the garden. Is that something you could change or add option to configure this way?

Isn’t it good that there is such a good solution then. 2022.11: A heck of a release! - #416 by nickrout

Wow…I do agree…so weird default behaviour…didn’t update yet due to those strange “paints” not a graph really…

True, but relying on a third-party solution that likely will break in a future update is far from ideal. That shouldn’t be necessary to display graphs with accurate data.


The history card more info option is exactly the core should be: swiping, period selector, displaying total_increasing as delta bars, etc. It’s awesome, please reconsider the ha core decision. Openhab for example does it for example similar to the history card. Saving data traffic and ms of loading time should not be the key drivers. Thank you

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Is that different from this: Home Connect - Home Assistant

My new Bosch dishwasher works with it.

Unlikely. Unless they completely change the HASS frontend interface (also unlikely).

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