2022.6: Gaining new insights!

Read the full release announcement here

Great release. Thanks a lot!


so the mqtt cover configuration has been changed from :

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Rolgordijn"


     - name: "Rolgordijn"


Yes. Just like the template integration was a few releases ago.

But to be clear, the existing format still works until 2022.9. You don’t have to rush to refactor

Cool release. Only one thing I would’ve liked to see:

Can we please make it possible that we add a new button within the energy dashboard with “contract year”

My contract runs from november till october and would love to see it all in one view.
especially since the gas prices now this would be a cool addition.


When do updates become available?

Reason I’m asking is that being on Raspberry PI 4 with HASS.IO installed, the Updates section does not show anything yet, even if manually refresh from config > system > updates.

2022.6.0 · home-assistant/[email protected] · GitHub when builds are finished

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Yeah, don’t be me who did refactor everything, only to find the 2022.6 Docker image isn’t yet released and the latest image is still 2022.5.5 which doesn’t understand the new layout. Got it all working again with the 2022.6.0b7 beta version in the interim, but more work than intended.

Absolutely no intention of blaming anyone other than myself in the above paragraph…

We need “custom date range” in Energy Dashboard.


Great release.

Thanks for the clarification - the update also does appear in my installation now.

Well you’d need more then a button for this since you’d also need a new setting to tell HA what “contract year” actually means. I would guess it varies for everyone.

Another user mentioned it already but I think custom date range is a more logical next step. Either way put in a #feature-requests for what you think is missing


It is available now.

Awesome stuff folks!

BTW - When will be required to switch our Nabu Casa subscription payment method in the US? I’m just worried there will be a gap in service if I miss it.

Nice !
But…Where are the fixes planned for 2022.5.6 ? :confounded:
I can’t see them in all changes, I was waiting for : https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/72027
That new energy panel :love_you_gesture:

They are in 2022.6.0


still don’t understand why breaking changes are always “much longer” than new features and improvements.
hope to see this change in the future.


I wouldn’t necessarily infer much from the size. For example, in one case many of the breaking changes are the same change applied to multiple integrations, but the feature it supports is listed once and applies to many integrations. Anyway, just one data point to consider.


Breaking Changes are (typically) new features and improvements.

The difference is that the new feature/improvement breaks the previous way of doing things. That’s why they are listed separately (so you can easily see if your existing configuration needs modifications to conform to the new way of doing things).


Then full changelog? It’s not.

The blog post highlights particular improvements that are deemed noteworthy and likely to be of high interest to people. Breaking changes also are longer because they each come with a blurb trying to explain in very exacting detail exactly what happened and what users need to do. The full changelog is longer then either of these and most just quietly make the product better behind the scenes.