2022.8: You can fix it!

Pat a Mat! (known as “Buurman and Buurman” here in The Netherlands, still on TV. My son watches it regularly :grinning:)


Not just you. My icloud integration also seemed to have broken with the update. All devices and their entities are now unavailable, even after calling the update script.

What is the update interval of the new Xiaomi MiFlora bluetooth integration? I’m using Passive BLE Monitor along with the new xiaomi integration and updates from the plants comes very irregularly (once every 30 minutes or so). Passive BLE seems to update the sensors every minute which is why I’m just sticking with it until the new BT integration will be polished out.

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yes i can help you, just lets go in that other topic and i assist u there

Hint: Always take a photo of serial numbers that I might need for cloud connections. (Learned this the hard way when I changed my router and had to re-connect. Of course I had to get out an extension ladder in the winter to read the serial number from the camera.)

I’m currently in the process with constant resets for HomeKit Nanoleaf bulbs due to switching homes, and some were reset while installing new smart switches.

What I’ve done to mitigate this in the future is I know have mapped out my house with a detailed legend that list the home kit codes so I don’t have to go back up on the ladder with my camera each time!

For example I have a 4 can light kit on my fan so it have:
Living room N: HK ABCD
Living room E: HK EFGH
Living room S: HK IJKL
Living room W: HK MNOP


It takes a while and totally screws up your flow when you’re trying to knock out all of your home kit devices, but hey, at least you rip the bandaid off once and then never have to do it again. (Besides maybe factory resetting from the switch)

Nope. I did have to refresh my browser (CTRL-F5) then everything works fine.

There’s a blueprint for that - ‘Low battery level detection & notification for all battery sensors’.
It monitors all your battery-based devices, and provides an alert whenever any of them fall below a threshold level you set.

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Mine works fine. Try restarting the camera.

I also have issues connecting my old 1st gen Eve Room.
hopefully we can find a way to make it work.

A je to! :smiley:

Just a standard path. I think technically putting it to /run/dbus in the container might be what is expected, but it worked fine as /var/run/dbus for both host and container

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Just downgraded and bulbs works just fine. So let’s wait for a fix then…

I believe it only updates if there is a change to the value.

My LYWSD03MMC temp sensor hasn’t logged a new value in an hour or so as it has not changed, but has logged changes in humidity and signal strength from the same device regularly over this time.

  • It hadn’t until I took the screenshot :joy:
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So I have seen yesterday’s announcement. Was very excited to see Nanoleaf essential bulb control over Bluetooth.
Now I am trying to do the same but with Essential led strip. My bluetooth integration doesn’t see it.
How do I connect it?

Even worse, I just discovered that DSM 7 completely removed bluetooth! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Does this mean SwitchBot Lock will be supported?

Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth Dongle to a RPI4 running HA OS in order to extend the range?

This really is incredible! I will finally be able to use my august lock with HA, the cloud system has always been incredibly unreliable. Thanks so much for working to figure this all out!

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I am loving the new Bluetooth addition :heart: - you guys have done a fantastic job - looking forward to the additional features you guys talked about in your YouTube release.