2022.9: Home Assistant Birthday Release!

Super nice! Congrats to those involved :clap: :clap: :clap:

Not sure if this is the right place, but wouldn’t it make sense to add a consolidated dashboard to monitor the hardware instead of 3 separate entries?


You can still do both. There are still legacy groups (which I still use for some things).

Group - Home Assistant

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Cheers…I did away with my legacy groups, thought they were dead…thanks for explaining :+1:t2:

Many thanks for that awesome release! Really love it.
One question (maybe I’m just too dumb): How can I use “next_event” of a schedule in a template? Don’t know if the datetime format is so special but I’m just getting error messages when trying to use it.

Found the issue in the Release live chat. Somehow my version of ESPhome fell way behind and never prompted me to update. I was on 1.17.x and the latest version was 2022.8.3.

Had to uninstall my addon and reinstall the latest production version. All works now (no dev version necessary).

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Thanks team, it has been a nice and useful beta, and now a very smooth release update. really nice.

trying to figure out the BT proxy (because the regular bt tracker no longer works, and le tracker finds 230 devices in an hour or 2, all carkits passing by apparently…)

New BT integration does nothing either, other than find the MiniPC’s own bt hardware.

could we use the ESP device we ran the Matter workshop on some time ago? Espressif ESP32-C3-DevKitM-1

Its laying around useless now, but if that could be done, it would actually be a great tool, to finally be able to track the handhelds and tablets again?


seems the release pushed the processor usage even up a bit more than the beta. went from 16 (2022.8) to 18.5 (in beta) and now see 20 + steady (in release)

Awesome update, thanks for doing great work!

I second that.

Happy B-day, great release, again.
Thanks guys!

Zha backup
So if I updated my tubes coordinator firmware and it lost all network settings.
What would be the process to restore it to it’s previous state?
Would I just click on migrate in zha and follow the steps?
Thanks in advance.

What you missed as the important part in that statement is bolded below:

Groups are NOT being removed, but the configuration options, services, and service options related to the (previously deprecated and now removed) States UI are now removed in this release

groups are still perfectly configurable as an integration via yaml.

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Happy Birthday Horn Assistant :birthday:
I love the changes introduced with this release.

But I have a general question: with Bluetooth getting more love every month, wifi everywhere in our houses or z-wave getting update routines: should I continue to invest in e.g. Philips Hue or Ikea Lights on Zigbee standard in the future?

I’m currently with Deconz and Zigbee, and the update mechanism there never worked for me. So I need to unpair all my devices e.g. once a year, connect them to their manufacturer bridges, update, then reinstall. Other things work just fine, but this update thing is annoying.

Could we get some advise from the HA Team which long-time radio should get priorities in our investments?

Or did I miss something and using Zigbee with Deconz is not the recommended way anyways :man_shrugging:t3:



I had a horrible time with Deconz, I now use zigbee2mqtt with my Conbee II and it has been amazing. Firmware updates for my Phillips hue lights also works great.

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We’ve covered this…tried to help…was wrong…have acknowledged it and moved on.
It’s done…you’re kicking a corpse at this stage :man_shrugging:t2:


Uhmmm… What?

There is a breaking change:


What does this mean? “The previously deprecated utility_meter entities…” What entities?

“…used to change tariffs”? Some sub-group of what entities? They surely then have names?
Or is the whole utility_meter removed?

“Use select entity instead”? Finding select from HA gives this Select - Home Assistant and it does not say anything useful.

Link to #76480 say somewhere in the middle " remove deprecated utility_meter domain" Really? Whole domain? Meaning I cannot use utility_meter anymore?

The link “documentation” leads to Utility Meter - Home Assistant which does not say anything about deprecating or removing anything???



Yes!!! And this my birthday too!!!


It says… Utility meter entities that are used to change tariffs. It doesn’t say the entire domain…

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No it does not mean that at all. All it means is that you change tariffs like this now:

  - service: select.select_option
      - select.energy_from_grid_daily
      option: 'off-peak'

Previously you used the utility_meter.xxx entity to do this.

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…but this link title does.

Link to #76480 say somewhere in the middle " remove deprecated utility_meter domain"

Hmm… OK, I would never have guessed, because none of the links told anything about that kind of structure?