2022.9: Home Assistant Birthday Release!

I also notice this within my LAN, though I connect through exernal IP (own domain with NGNX Proxy).

Since the last upgrade 2022.9, the button to save changes in automations and scripts has disappeared,
The problem does not exist in the English language but only in my language (Hebrew),
Anyone else experience this?

It’s nice to see the Ecowitt integration. I already have the HACS version so I am wondering if I need to do anything???

When I link to the documentation from the HACS version it is going to the same page as the “official” integration, so does that mean the HACS version has been automatically moved over, even though the GitHub pages seems different. I assume the old info has just been copied into the HA GitHub docs??

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With all the improvements to Automations, could we get a “Trace” link/button the more info section for an automation?


Is there a faster way to get to a trace for an automation? Right now, especially for an automation in configuration.yaml, it’s pretty awkward to get to a Trace.

This is compounded but what I believe is a bug in this month’s release: the “…” menu next an automation closes when any automation is triggered. If, like me, you have automations running practically every second, it means you can’t use the context menu which shows up (which is where the “trace” option now is). I tried to attach a screen recording here but it seems video file types are not allowed.

My workaround is clicking on the automation (which of course tells me I can’t edit it when it’s defined in configuration.yaml) and then edit the URL to change edit to trace.

Nice, thanks :slight_smile:

Would be nice if it was possible to create folders for automations. ^^

If you give automations defined in yaml an id you can edit them.

Hm ok it sounds like something isn’t working correctly then. Can you make a bug here with your details? It’s not actually related to core so better to dig in over there.

Love it that there is a schedule assistant! However it would be nice to have a short example in the schedule documentation on how to use the schedule entity as a trigger to start and to stop or change a heater for example. For most of the 500,000 people that are not daily programming HA that would be really useful.


The schedule entity changes to true when the schedule starts, and to false when it ends. So a really normal automation based on state.

I don’t know why this crap of disable automation instead of slider has been introduced. It’s just like Google Pixel update of Internet selection as two step process assuming everyone would have Wifi on by default.

Why some developers think what they think is what everyones need is.
Honestly, I hate the removal of slider.


Out of curiosity, what sort of automations do you have that trigger so frequently?


Which slider are you referring to?


Thanks Robert,

I had a quick chat with Chipolo support and they confirmed the tags and the cards have fixed BLE MAC address - thanks for the pointer, much appreciated.

So that means you could use the new BLE device tracker to know if the tag was within range of the HA instance.

I guess your usercase is to know if the tag/card is actually within range of your phone? Not just to track the tag.

Of course if you were just wanting to know if your phone was within range of your HA instance, and as you already use the HA Companion app, you could just use its in built BLE beacon.

And yes, I already use WiFi to track my phone, I use the PING integration as my tracked phones are configured to have a fixed IP address.
In fact the ping returns a “home” state far quicker than the old bluetooth tracker does.

Again thanks for your input.

For me, Switchbot Curtain has not been working ever since Home Assistant released their Bluetooth integration and official Switchbot integration with 2022.8? Before that, with unofficial (HACS?) integration, everything has been working just fine. I guess that integration is not anymore available? Because I would gladly switch back, as although we have received upgrades to Bluetooth and Switchbot, it still doesn’t work but randomly. And I guess it’s because my Switchbot curtains are very often unavailable. They are maybe 4 meters away from my Raspberry, so there should not be any connection issues, but there is:

See all those grey lines? That’s when my Switchbot Curtain has been unavailable. I have an automation that opens my curtain at sunrise, and closes them at sunset, and usually opening at sunrise works, but closing at sunset does not, and it’s maybe because my devices are more often unavailable during evening.

And like I said, the unofficial switchbot integration worked like a charm, every time. And I haven’t moved my raspberry (where my HA is installed) OR Switchbots.

This is fixed in ShellyForHass 1.0.2

Same here. There is an error in de log for each attempt to load a dashbord:

https://…my nabucasa FQDN here…nabu.casa/frontend_latest/08219b6a.js:362:5549 Uncaught TypeError:Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘1’)

GUI->Settings->System->Hardware … I have this working. Nice!

Perhaps off topic, I just happen to notice that GUI->Settings->System->Storage is missing from a venv HA Core version I’m running. I’m not using default_config but I can’t seem to figure out that that’s the cause or if it is something else. Any ideas?


I am replying to my earlier post, to update my understanding of the bluetooth_tracker and whether it is likely to be fixed soon as many people hope.

Short answer - don’t hold your breath!

I wish I had researched this earlier because I wouldn’t have been patiently stuck on 2022.6.7 and waiting with blind faith that this would be fixed.

We were informed, in the 2022.7.x release notes’ breaking changes that bluetooth_tracker would break, and the suggested solution was to use Bleak as the bluetooth stack.
This was also reiterated by Frenck in the open issue raised on Github.


And in particular this:
Where Bleak is stated as being the solution.

However as Kevdliu pointed out in the same open issue, Bleak does not support Classic Bluetooth.
In fact, if you look at the Bleak webpage
bleak — bleak 0.17.0a1 documentation
it says that BLEAK is an acronym for Bluetooth Low Energy Active Klients.

So this means that Bleak is not a solution even though we are told that it is!!
Therefore all those who have added their voices to requesting a quick fix should maybe lower their expectations. As I have done.
I wish I had looked into this earlier and not wasted 2 months.
Hopefully we can we get a realistic timeframe on a new working integration or an update on any work being done. Or just any response! :slight_smile:


From an above post, you can check the status of the build on Github:

EDIT: And I just successfully pulled the image and am running 2022.9.2.