2023.6: Network storage, favorite light colors, new integrations dashboard

homeassistant.update_entity stopped working with 2023.6 and 2023.6.1. Prior to this HA version, I had an automation that updated a command_line entity. I reconfigured my command_line entities per the new standard. The entities work and update per the scan_interval but I was triggering an update with an automation prior to this HA update.

Unable to connect to Synology NAS as a network storage drive. Tried both NFS and SMB, checked firewall, receiving the same error for both methods: Unable to create mount.

X10 devices? :eyes: 1970s calling.

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Agreed!.. surprised it changed.

Yes, a lot of people…

its not been “depreciated” as there has been no warning (which is whole different subject!).
However it has been broken by HA now using Python 3.11.x which isn’t supported by pybluez at this moment.
Hence the devs removing pybluez from the core build and therefore breaking the bluetooth_tracker.
It beggars belief this wasn’t highlighted in the breaking changes (it is buried in the changelog) as it has been known it was going to be broken since March this year.
However, if this was going to be depreciated it would have been noted in the previous release notes from March onwards - wouldn’t it???
So it’s a waiting game.


let me comment on date, time and date/time sensors. IMO introducing them is shortsighted at least. It’s because those datatypes doesn’t support timezones, thus it’s expected it will lead tu many issues in future

btw link to datetime documentation found in blog article is wrong (you have to remove underscore)

Yeah, that’s what I came to comment about. My guess is that the developer personally uses rgb lights and simply didn’t consider cwww lights. For rgb the circle makes sense. But for cwww this design is objectively worse. I hope this gets changed soon.


Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately for me I run supervisor on HASSOS. I did look into re-installing pybluez but since it doesn’t work with python 3.11.x it is a non starter.
My only option if I want to continue to use bluetooth_tracker is to remain on 2023.5.4 until pybluez is updated to work on python 3.11.x AND pybluez is put back into the core build again by the devs. ;-(

In regards to this change:

When using services in the UI (like in the automation editor), only options and settings available to the selected target devices & entities will be shown. This makes the UI much cleaner!

This sounds great, however, I sometimes use the automation editor to help me build yaml code for Blueprints or Scrips. What I do is select an entity of a type that is similar to the entity I am targeting in my Blueprint or Script. I then; depending if I want a Trigger, Condition, or Action; am able to see all the options in the dropdown for the task I want. Once I select what I think is appropriate I then get to see all the options for whatever I chose. I can choose “Edit in YAML” to get a basic code outline.
I think it is evident how having all the options available is advantageous when designing Blueprints. The device I am targeting may have different parameters than the entity in the automation editor. Simply put, when designing scripts I want to be able to see all the options.

Of course, what I am describing is an edge case and I do not believe the UI should remain cluttered just to satisfy this use case. But perhaps there can be a toggle with a label something akin to Show Unavailable Options that will expand to show all the options that were hidden as the result of this update.
Alternatively, if we get improved tools like a dedicated Blueprint editor or an equivalently powerful integration directly built into VS Code, then such a workflow that needs the automation editor would be rendered obsolete; however, I can imagine that in some instances people would still like to know unavailable options.


Yes, updating the agent enabled this feature. Thanks for the clarification.

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Updating Agent to 1.5.1 and running

wget https://github.com/home-assistant/supervised-installer/releases/latest/download/homeassistant-supervised.deb
apt install ./homeassistant-supervised.deb

enabled network share compatibility. Not, that I need it, as I have it for years already :slight_smile:
Just wanted to test it for you, guys :wink:

But I still have no onboard sound, and that makes me really mad… :frowning:

First google hit python - "Stale file handle" error, when process trying read the file, that other process already had deleted - Stack Overflow

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Great to see that network storage mapping is possible. Is there plan to support also smb1.0 protocol?

Yes, really. I sold a box of about 20 X-10 devices last year on eBay for $100.


178487622-8d9560a1-1572-41bd-b32c-2da69238012c.png (722×760) (user-images.githubusercontent.com)

After the update SSL connection broke down, DuckDNS addon is working. I cant figure out how to repair this, can someone help me ?

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Thanks for the tip, I did the same on my QNAP and it worked:


Same experience. I live in USA, North Carolina.