Action Smart (LSC smart connect) works with TUYA integration

Action smart connect products work on homeassistant true TUYA. WIFI 2,4Gh is required

  1. Install the tuya app on your mobile (Not the LSC app they propose, its a clone of tuya).
  2. Create an account with them you need that account later to connect to the TUJA integration.
  3. A code is mailed to you to activate the account
  4. Reset your smart device
  5. Add device in the app.
  6. Try Auto scan first If that fails
    6a, Add manual (Handmatig toevoegen), Select WIFI devices
    follow the instructions

Now add the Tuya integration to Home assistant
Follow the login steps
Once completed it automaticly finds and adds the entities


This is great. Works perfectly!

Works Greats, thanks for the tips

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hello, this works perfectly for binary sensors such as door sensors or simple lamps (on / off) but does it work with more complex inputs? I am talking about the outdoor waterproof rgb garland (the strip or even the garden studs) of [action] lsc smart, or the surveillance cameras (ip indoor or outdoor) … everything else in fact. any returns?

it’s Working on my “rgb” led from action :

  • cold white to warm light
  • dimmer
  • on / off
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I have added my devices to the Tuya app sucessfully, however when I want to add Tuya to HA, it is asking me for a IoT Access ID and Secret?

You have to do the steps described here: Tuya - Home Assistant

Before my tuya devices (lights from the action) did work with only account and pw but now you need the two extra verifications: IoT Access ID and Secret… when u have created the cloud project in the you will get that two extra verifications in the overview tab and you will be all set ! Hope this was helpful.

Good luck

Thanks, that did the trick! Although some of the lights still are giving me some trouble.

Works great mate, thanks for the tip.

Has anyone gotten this to work recently? I’m stuck on getting the integration to work.

I have the Tuya app, made an account and paired my one light bulb with the app. Works fine, I can control it, set warmth, intensity, etc.

I then created a Cloud project and filled the Access ID and Access Secret into HA. Gave me a “Login error (2406): skill id invalid” error. Googled and they mentioned linking the Tuya app, so I went into the Devices tab and clicked “Link Tuya App Account”. Scanned the QR code, which prompted me to log in on the device.

When I do that however, the Tuya IoT platform website gives me a “0 device(s) under the App Account being linked with this project”. So it seems like it can’t see the bulb I have connected in the app?

Googling further it mentions the specific error HA gives should be related to the chosen dataceter, but even when enabling all of them I get the same error.

If you get this to work, does that mean your sensors are controlled via the TUYA servers? I run tasmota on al my current devices as I don’t want to connect to external servers. Unfortunately the current lsc devices do no run on ESP anymore

Hey, I have a smoke detector from LSC and have already integrated it into HA via Tuya. However, only the battery status is displayed as an entity. Has anyone managed to integrate the alarm yet? I would like to use the alarm to flash a lamp and switch off an outlet.

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Same problem here.

same problem see only battery and not the alarm ?

Is the Tuya app something different that the Tuya SmartLife app?
I have installed the Tuya SmartLife app and add a bulb there.
But when I want to login in the Tuya website the account is not there.
I asked for help and they told me the Tuya SmartLife app and the Tuya website are 2 different things.

Does it work for LSC Siren?
Can add to LSC Smart connect app, but not able to connect to Smartlife Tuya app (after disconnection from LSC app).
Need localkey to add to HA.

yes because you need to go to this website:
and follow the instructions in this video:

I have an outdoor cam from action and it works fine with tuya. Obvious because on package they labeled the product tuya compatible.

Now I need a second outdoor cam, but the outdoor cam is not more black, instead white. No problem, color is not important. But the tuya label is not more on the package.

My question: has anyone experiance with the newest LSC Smart Connect IP outdoor cam? LSC Smart Connect IP-Außenkamera |

Or alternative question: is it save that every cam which supports LSC Smart Connect supports by default as well tuya, because the technical base is the same?

I have kind of the same question but then for the indoor pzt cam. I bought one and it works fine, however, I want to use it’s rtsp stream but I can not get it to work. I know that for other people it seems to work… I don’t see any tuya reference on the package. Any thoughts?

Integration worked fine for me.
I bought the white LSC smart Solar IP Camera that has no “tuya compatible” label on the package.
My Steps to connect the camera:

  1. Use Tuya App (I guess Smart Life may also work)
  2. Add new device
  3. Select “Camera” on the left
  4. Select “Smart Camera (2.4GHz&5GHz)”
  5. Reset the Camera (it should blink blue/red)
  6. Type in your wifi credentials in the app, ignore the warning if your password is too long, worked for me with a 64 character password
  7. Let the Cemra scan the QR-Code (you may need some patience and change the distance)
  8. Wait for the camera to connect

Connecting to tuya integration worked like usual.
Now I will try to connect it locally, hope this will also work.