ADC T200-thermostat help

Trying to integrate my ADC T2000 zwave thermostats into Home Assistant. I found this post in smart things that has a device handler. Is there anyway to use this in Home Assistant to setup up the thermostats?


What happens when you attempt to pair it with Home Assistant?

Not sure how to answer that. It comes up with multiple lines under a climate card but the manufacture is listed as unknown in the config xml file that has all the nodes.

Then you should be able to control it via homeassistant


Yes but, I am unsure which of the states to use to do so and there is also no platform to configure settings.

You should have settings via the Zwave menu under Configuration on the left side of HA.
It should show you a few states example: “Off,Heat,Cool,Aux Heat”.

Check in the <> menu for a list of states for the climate device.

Maybe I didn’t ask the right question. I get how to see the node options under the zwave configuration tool. I also understand that there are control options under the < > menu. What I don’t understand is how to use these to get stuff done. For example, I have 6 different states for one thermostat. Cooling, cooling max, cooling, min, heating max, heating min, and thermostat unused. Pretty much the same thing in the zwave menu. When I select one of them in the node values menu, none of the other section have anything in them. Still not sure what to ask to get help…maybe I was hoping for someone with the same thermostat to tell me what they are doing? Google searches haven’t helped…not sure where to turn. Due to the fact it is an alarm Dot com thermostat, I am guessing that configuring it outside of adc will be tough.

Thanks for any assistance,

Did you end up getting these integrated and working as expected?

I did not. I have been working on tweeking presence detection. I am very close to a satisfactory solution. I need to tweek locks next. My thermostats are on the bottom of the list due to the fact they are working fine through ADC right now. Would be willing to push them to the front of the class if someone else was willing to work on them.

Yah, I haven’t been able to find a lot of information on getting my ADC-620Ts working with HA either. Well, it’ll work for cooling, but not for heating. There’s a potential bug fix in OpenZWave, but doesn’t use OZW and I’m not really sure it’s worth going backwards to hassbian/all-in-one and hoping that fixes it. Really would be nice to have temperature control through HA though.

Pretty sure I am using OpenZWave as I installed HA in a virtual environment. When was the fix added?!topic/openzwave/6I7oxxyRXDo

Looks like 2 months ago -

Sorry it took me so long to look at your links. I know just enough to be dangerous ;-).

I know you are using but the bottom of this thread has information on how to use the dev version of OpenZWave.

I use the dev version of OpenZWave for one of my other devices. Might be worth going to the virtual install of HA to use OpenZWave.

I thought about it and was ready to go that route, but it turns out that MassSave will come out and swap my thermostats for the new Nest E’s for free, so I’m going that route instead lol. I have enough things to tinker with, this will save me 1 headache.

Did updating OZW fix your thermostat issue?

I have 5-6 climate devices in HA. I just don’t know how to use them?

I think the bigger issue is the information reported by HA is different than the info reported by adc so it is a little confusing.

My goal is to just have a way for my wife to adjust (aka turn up) the temperature from our wall mounted tablet and display the set and current temp there. I’m hoping this wont be an issue with the Nest and I’m thinking I may be able to still use the Nest app to set my schedules/etc, which should be easier than automating all that through HA.

I am pretty sure I can turn them up or down and possible even change the mode. The iOS app doesn’t work very well for things like that though. I eventually would like everything controlled through HA but right now all the schedules are through HA.

This may help also

@pdobrien3 - Your home alarm system sounds similar to mine. Did you ever get your T2000 thermostat integrated with HA?

Mine shows up but i have no controls listed.



I gave up on the T2000s. Approximately three weeks ago I removed the T2000s, fixed the holes in the drywall, and then bought and installed two very expensive Nest thermostats that will work perfectly for approximately 2 more months :frowning:

Not sure if you are keeping up with the drama but Nest is moving to Google home and will not longer have an API. oh well, I still like the Nests better than the T2000s. Sorry I couldn’t help.