Add latest model of Switchbot Lock Pro

Does the new lock work over Bluetooth using your phone and without using Matter or a Hub? I’m hoping this new lock is not restricted to Matter only.

Yepp, switchbot app and Bluetooth is the way to control and configure your lock and even pair the keypad if you would like to use. With that you get PIN, fingerprint and NFC unlock options, depending on the keypad you order. The hub mini is optional, for matter and online functionality and even as a infrared sender which can also be used with their app to configure ir remotes to control conventional appliances and TV’s etc. I even spotted a hacs integration which might be able to utilize those ir remotes. They say it works with the hub, but it might work with hub mini. This one needs to be verified though.

I just configured a remote in the app and also the linked hacs integration. My remote was instantly recognized


Yes, no need for the hub for local control but you’ll be restricted to control only via the Switchbot app within bluetooth range, at least until the lock is supported in HA via bluetooth like the previous version was.


i’ve been holding off on purchasing it until it’s added to HA, but may bite the bullet.

Hopefully it can be added to the hub mini (without matter) and the hub added to HA as a work around until.

The hub mini i have is BNIB as the bundle purchase was cheaper. the

I preordered mine in April and finally got it today after every normal buyer on amazon. Mounting was easy but everything else is very -lets say- simple when you do not have the mini hub, the keypad and the NFC cards.
No autoopening on coming home, need the app.

So, I am ready to dive into supporting the switchbot integration, what may I do?

get a bluetooth sniffing app on your phone and capture the bluetooth traffic. you need to put it developer mode. just google about it. then use the app to open and close the door while capturing the bluetooth traffic

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Shouldn’t the communication of a lock be encrypted with some rolling code to prevent such replay attacks? Otherwise your neighbor could easily open your door using the same technique.

I would hope so! If it’s really that easy to take control of, I’m glad to learn of it before buying.

So I watched a video review of this lock from “Everything Smart Home”. He says that it will stop functioning over Matter when the Hub is blocked from the internet. And that this is a Switchbot issue and not just the Lock pro.

TBH I don’t block any of my devices. But what I have done is simply unplug my modems power or ethernet cable and when I use Home Assistant to control my lock, it still works just fine. Is this only an issue when you specifically block a device?

Oh no! That’s disappointing.

According to this thread you can use BLE integration, but it’s less responsive. Can anyone confirm?

I just tried it again using the Switchbot BT integration, still nothing on my end and I have everything updated. Not sure what the other guy did, but I hope he wasn’t mistaking it with the original Lock which is supported. Would be nice to get the battery info into Home Assistant. And I’ll take another door sensor as well, because why not?

As for what I said earlier, I tested it myself. Blocked the Hub from the internet and I could no longer control it within Home Assistant. But when I unblocked it and disabled the internet, Home Assistant could still control it. So it is specific towards blocking the Hub itself. At least it will function without the internet, but I know that’s not good enough for a lot of folks in these parts lol.


Interesting. How are you blocking the internet? Definitely a rule that only blocks internet and doesn’t isolate the hub from HA?

Thanks for testing!

Edit - have you tried any other BT integrations? The way it’s written in that thread I wondered if it was a generic “BLE” integration.

I’m still using Google WiFi so what I see when I click on a device is “Pause device”. I just googled this quickly and according to Google themselves this is their method to allow us to block the internet for a device.

As for trying another integration, no I haven’t. I’ve only used the Switchbot BT integration. I have no idea what else I could try.

unplug your modem and then unplug the switchbot hub and then plug it back in.

The hub likely still thinks it has an internet connection and hasn’t timed out yet, power cycling it will force this.

We installed the Pro at the weekend with the touch panel and are very happy with it, but the HA integration is lacking right now. We have it set up with Matter but as our door uses the ‘night latch’ feature, all the modes are wrong in HA (unlock actually opens the door!!). I saw this is something they added with the original lock via the bluetooth integration, so either hopefully it gets fixed with Matter or the Pro lock gets added via bluetooth soon.

One question for anyone who had the original lock, is it possible to find out in HA who unlocked the door via the keypad? Would be nice to automatically disarm the alarm if the cleaner comes in for example.

I’ve heard of this before with the Aqara U100. Ironically, that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t get the lock. Now look at me, I might have bought something with the same issue. I’ll test it later but I think you’re probably right.

The chances of my internet dying and then losing power temporarily right after doesn’t sound likely, but it sucks that it’s something I even have to think about lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to fall back on the Switchbot BT integration assuming that does eventually happen.

They will probably never support unlocking and opening over Matter… because Google Home, HomeKit and other supports only lock and unlock calls for lock entities.

There is pull request adding support to pySwitchbot library, which is used by bluetooth integration, but for now without proper night latch functionality.

Bluetooth integration doesn’t support retrieving logs about how was the lock unlocked.

There is already a request for this feature, but i doubt it would be ever implemented.

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Thanks @Michal4K!

is there any ETA of updating the switchbot lock pro integration for HA (the bluetooth version).

The work has mostly been done so I guess it won’t be a long wait :+1:t2: