Add monocle gateway as Add-on

Anyone willing to look at creating an add on for the monocle gateway.

It already has a pi and docker download.
So I assume it would be fairly easy. (But what do I know. Probably nothing)
Would be nice to not need another always on device on the network when HA is already on.

Also see

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@Birdbrainuk I started to develop an add-on, but for the moment I stuck at


I’ve developed my Monocle Cam Gateway addon…

Let me know if you’ll find it useful!

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I’d really like to try this out… but it won’t install currently…

Failed to install add-on

The command ‘/bin/ash -o pipefail -c apk update && apk add --no-cache wget curl libstdc++ nano net-tools openssl ca-certificates’ returned a non-zero code: 3