Add-on: Home Assistant Google Drive Backup

Repository for add-on Home Assistant Google Drive Backup is missing. This means it will not get updates, and backups may not be restored correctly as the supervisor may not be able to build/download the resources required.

Please check the add-on’s documentation for installation instructions and add the repository to the store.

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Seems a general problem with Supervisor 2024.06.0. I had it on other add-ons. I just ignore it for the moment

I have added the repository, and I do see the Tom’s Home Assistant Add-ons group, but the Home Assistant Google Drive backup isn’t there. I did not see it on the github page either. Is it no longer supported?

Same issue here… Addon sems to be working so far. Anyone know how to fix the issue?

That doesn’t seem to be right! What url are you using to add the repo?