Add-on ideas

With add-ons you’re able to easily run extra applications on your Raspberry Pi. We have built a few into the core but we want you, the community, to start building them too!

Here are some ideas of add-ons that we would love for the community to build:

To get started:

You can use this thread to also bring up some other applications that would be great to accompany Home Assistant.


Jupyter notebook for exploring database data? Found a docker container with Jupyter/MySQL and some data processing tools

open-zwave-control-panel would also be a good candidate.

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I’m certainly on board withAppDaemon and HADasboard we have a docker image already but it needs some work - does need anything other than that?

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First thing to do is to add a config file. See instructions here:

You will be able to test it locally and build it on your device. To share repositories you’ll need to build and push a version for the architectures that you want to support to Dockerhub. We got a Docker script that does all the heavy lifting, you just need to pass it the params:

Ok, cool - I’ll do this right after I am done with the HADasboard beta :slight_smile: I think this is a great initiative - it will make the whole ecosystem way more accessible.

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Definitely MySQL


Somes ideas here, since this is based on ResinOS this thing should work :

Idea is to use the same raspberry to display HADashboard on screen (“smart mirror” owner here).

I’ve already tried to make this work with ResinOS (without the stuff), even though i’m familiar with docker it wasn’t a success. (yeah, before i heard of my goal was to setup, glad someone took that to the next level !)

While i’m at it Snapcast Server/Client would be awesome too !

Oh, and Happy Bubbles Presence Server !

And a way to execute shell commands on host (example : i use tvservice -p and tvservice -o to turn on/off my screen with automations) would be awesome too ! (i was thinkin of using SSH from container to host, but maybe not the best way ?)


The amazon dashbutton hack might be a cool feature, e.g. my python script!?

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Besides HADashboard (v3) and AppDeamon my vote goes definately to Node-red and Snapcast :), maybe Mopidy also. Then I think the little SBC will run out of resources :D.

Wow, v3! I am only just finishing the v2 beta :wink:

But yes, I will be working on AppDaemon and HADashboard support in soon (with the help of @quadportnick)

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the smartthings-mqtt-bridge might be a good thing to add. (while I’m trying to move away from SmartThings), it already has a docker image, so not sure what else you’d need.

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It would be great to see as a VM image for x86.

Setup a VM with ubuntu server and run this:

1 Like team member here as well as a big HA fan :smiley:
That’s a brilliant idea, would love to check it out and making it work together. We have a large touchscreen in our London office, that would be a perfect testing environment for that too :wink:

Will be looking into it, and let’s talk sometime!

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Some ideas:


FullScreen Kiosk mode for touch screens with localhost:8123 as a homepage would be great!
with power settings through UI (screen timeout), hiding the mouse pointer.
I was using FullPageOS to make my rPi server and frontend at the same time. There’s PiKiOS and plenty of docker images for kiosk mode

DuckDNS would be a great to go with the letsencrypt addon.


As Bluetooth LE device tracking is currently broken, Room-Assistant ( would be a useful addition.