Add on store does not show in front-end

Sorry for the n00b question, but the “add-ons” store doesn’t show up in my HA front-end. Is there a means for adding add-ons through the configuration.yaml, or some other file? I can’t find any other way to enter third-party add ons. I’m running Home Assistant 0.58.1. Thank you in advance.

Did you install or homeassistant?

If the latter there is no such thing, if the former I think you need either discovery: or hassio: in your config.

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I think it’s homeassistant instead of I started with installing hasbian image. I already had discovery: in my config, and adding hassio: to my config that caused invalid config errors (similar to this thread). I might just back up my configs and start over with I didn’t realize they were different things. I like the idea of having the ability to compose add ons. Thanks for the advice and quick response.

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Can you explain the difference please (or direct me to where it i explained)?

Umm, I’ll try…

Homeassistant is the software that you run. is a self contained unit that turns a raspberry pi in to a dedicated box for running homeassistant, and therefore you cannot run anything else on the pi. You then use add-ons from inside to do the things outside of homeassistant such as samba access, duckdns etc.

If you don’t use you would set these up yourself in your Linux environment on the pi outside of homeassistant.

There’s pros and cons to each approach, but is (I suspect) more noob friendly so long as you don’t want to do anything that isn’t catered for by an add-on.

Thanks. Why though are things like the configurator apparently not available to homeassistant users?

I guess because most people who run homeassistant without do it by hand with relative ease.

Can someone please tell me how to get the add-on store to show in my frontend

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The addin store is one of the tabs inside the Hassio menu. So if you have installed Hassio, you have the hassio menu and thus the addin store in the frontend.

Ok thank you I guess I installed Hasbian which means I won’t get the store but my next question is how do I easily edit my yaml

Right now I’m using putty to sudo nano but I can’t help but feel like I’m doing something wrong

This is what my yaml looks like

With Hassbian, using nano is the way to edit the .yaml files.

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oh ok thanks for the quick response now is it suppose to be empty? like what do i put in there? sorry for the noob question

No there should be a bunch of stuff in there by default. Maybe you are not looking in the correct folder.

I’ve been running Hassio for so long now I’m not even sure where hassbian hides the configuration files. Try ls command to search folders… ls *.yaml with the switch to make the search recursive…

i start an ssh session in putty and type sudo nano configuration.yaml then it brings up the grey and black dos explorer but its empty

But you are in the wrong folder!!!

You will need to switch to the virtual environment to find the yaml files. All you are doing is creating a blank file in the /home/pi folder. You need to find the correct location of the yaml files.

ls -R *.yaml from the ssh

Honestly, if you are struggling with Linux at this basic level and can’t navigate your way around, you probably should have picked hassio not hassbian. Why exactly did you choose Hassbian?


For Hassbian

Thanks for the the responses I was cut off by admin, yesterday, Ihad reached the maxed amount of posts for a NOOB lol, but i did find my correct yaml in WinSCP i had to change a few settings and have edited yaml successfully so thank you @DavidFW1960 for sticking with me. You were correct i was is the wrong config file I saw that once i got WinSCP. I found the PI and Homeassistant directories. I was in the Pi directory when using putty because i was using the cmd sudo. Now i cannot save my work when editing yaml using notepad++

In WinSCP, you need to go into the config of the connection
edit>advanced>environment>SCP/Shell and set the option shell in the dropdown to sudo su -