Add Xiaomi Mi Scale to Xiaomi BLE

Go to settings, devices and services, and open the Bluetooth integration. In the left menu, there should be an option to enable debug logging

Thank you. I enabled the debug already and trying to get the log.
Once I get the log data I’ll post them here

Does the official Home Assistant integration work with the XMTZC05HM? I don’t see mass listed in the integration documentation: Xiaomi BLE - Home Assistant

I’m in the same situation, did you figure out how to use multiple users directly via Xiaomi BLE (and without the esphome option)?
Thank you for your time.

I decided it’s easier to keep it in ESPHome for now :slight_smile:
But there are some good reactions to my question at the time on how to make it work if you want to switch.

Hello quizzical , Is this code working ?
Where you define "scaleconnection "?
This is code in Esphome code or configuration yaml?


Yes it is working.
It is the ESPHome code.

Good question on the scaleconnection. It looks like when I pasted that snippet of code I forgot to also copy this piece of code:


  • platform: template #If I turn of this switch, the measurements will not be sent to Home Assistant, good when e.g. weighing a suitcase or a friend.
    name: “Scale connection”
    id: scaleconnection
    optimistic: true

Thank you ! I am getting understand…
Now a new error come up… the "ID " duplicated

Yes you need to define those

  - platform: template
    name: Weight Marco
    id: weight_marco
    unit_of_measurement: 'kg'
    icon: mdi:weight-kilogram
    state_class: measurement
    accuracy_decimals: 2

And the same for impedance with some logical differences:

    unit_of_measurement: 'ohm'
    icon: mdi:omega
    accuracy_decimals: 0

And this for each person

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Hi @Ernst! Not sure if you ever got the logs for the S400 (MJTZC01YM) from the previous user but I am in the same situation and I was hoping for your help in getting it added to the integration if possible?

Here’s the logs from my device if needed: - Share Text & Images the Easy Way