Adding Qubino Mini Dimmer Support

The current Home Assistant (0.100.3) doesn’t support the Qubino Multi Dimmer module.

You can find some info in the community forum:

But now, I think, we have to wait the >1.6 version of Open Z-Wave…

Really would be helpful if someone could backport the config for this dimmer.

Mhh, should have seen this before purchase…

The good news that it at least works and can be controlled. However indeed can’t change any parameters

Mine loses it’s connection constantly. Don’t know why but it happens a lot. Not happy with it at the moment. Could be because it’s not fully supported. The other devices (which are supported) work fine.

I added qubino minidimmer yesterday. I has to add openzwave in config to make it work properly.

Se post 3 Update OpenZwave Hassio with HassOS

So is it fully working for you now? Would you recommend, or should I go for Fibaro instead?

Yeah works fine now…

I did a quite same solution, but I replaced the bundled version instead of referring by Z-Wave - Home Assistant.

But you have to read this comment also…

Can anyone of a review of the dimmer. Contemplating which dimmer to get and since this has no need for neutral it’s a strong contender if it works good in HA that is,.

I think, here’s a temporary solution: Qubino Mini Dimmer by @fodi666