Airtouch 4 integration (AUS)

Similar to this request but version 4:

Already integrates with IFTTT and Google Home / Alexa but native HA integration would be awesome.

Airtouch 4 is also mentioned here: Polyaire Air Touch 2 or 3 with someone already having built an integration with HOOBS

And because I can only put two links in each post:

Hey @andy_vdg - I too am interested in whether this can be done for HA. I did manage to get hold of the API manual… :slight_smile: can provide via PM if your or anyone else is interested in giving it a go. Will probably try myself when I get the chance.

Hi all,

I just got an Airtouch 4 recently and have been really keen to see it integrated with home assistant - never contributed to an open source repository or otherwise before but thought I would give it a crack - so far I have managed to get a python library built which should hopefully be able to be added to a home assistant integration once I work out how! If anyone else is keen to give it a go heres the link: - I have been using it fine with my Airtouch 4 but if anyone is feeling brave would be great to get some verification it works on other people’s systems (please don’t blame me if anything breaks, its just using their TCP Api doco!)

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@LonePurpleWolf Thanks for sharing this. I know AC but coding not so much, so I’m glad someone else could make sense of the API.

I’m trying to test this on my system by adding as a repository in my add-ons page, but I get an error “Not a valid add-on repository”.

Any tips?

@Paulbunyan Thanks for trying to have a look at it! You won’t actually be able to use it as an addon yet, as the repository I linked is just for a python library to be able to interact with the AirTouch 4 (via code) - I haven’t got around to using the library in a Home Assistant Integration just yet - I am hoping to make some headway in the next couple of weeks. Maybe someone else might be able to advise but I also think that addons (which are perhaps oriented?) are different to Integrations, but not too sure about what the difference is (very new to home assistant myself!)

I have attempted to make an integration pull request for this feature: - I feel way out of my depth, so if anyone has any experience with integrations and can help me with any bits I have missed, please let me know!

Hi would you know if this works for the Airtouch 2+

Would you help me test it please?.

What would be the easiest way to test your python script to see if I can connect?
The Airtouch 2+ uses port 9200 from what I can tell.

Hi @Selmak ,

The python API doesnt allow configuration of the port as of now (as from what I can tell the AirTouch 4 doesn’t allow port configuration). Also other than basic functionality most of the functionality is designed around the assumption that you are using the ITC (individual temperature control) sensors, as Climate entities in home assistant work with temperature targets. I believe some other integrations use cover entities to represent non-temperature controlled aircon zones so this is something that could be added down the track.

I would recommend contacting AirTouch via their support email and asking them if they have a TCP api for the AirTouch 2+ - I can tell you from looking at that document whether they are the same or not - if you want to try using the python API against your AirTouch 2+ regardless, you would have to download it from the github link, manually change port 9004 to port 9200, then run it up and try it out. It would be pretty awesome if they did work the same!