Airtouch 5 Integration (Aus)

I’m considering a ducted heat pump install using Airtouch5.

Is the Android Tablet / Console a necessary part of the system? I understand there is a separate Main Control Module and Gateway for the heat pump… so I am wondering if the Console is just a tablet running the app, or if there’s more to it?

I’d prefer to mount an iPad on my wall rather than an Android tablet, hence the question.

I believe the tablet is required. It has access to settings not exposed in the app (the installer settings) and it is what your app connects to.

I don’t see any reason you couldn’t have the tablet installed in a cupboard or somewhere out of the way and have an iPad with the app installed front and centre though

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The tablet(console) does a lot more than just run the app.

The console and main module are required.
I have mentioned to them before and later down the track they will possibly make a type that allows the use of no console and is app only controlled.
That would be a long time away and when stable connections can be achieved.

I have a iPad on the wall which does run the app and the tablet is hidden away elsewhere and isn’t really used.

Either way, it’s more than worth having one of these on a ducted system over not having it.

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Hey @smitco is it possible for you to get me re airtouch installation? I’m in Sydney though and understand you are in Qld.

Hi Simon,

I can get someone to sort this out for you via Airtouch.
If you mesage me your contact details I will have someone contact you.