Alexa devices now occasionally says "Sorry im having trouble connecting to your simon says eu skill right now"

Hi there,

Ive been running home assistant for several months and its been nothing short of perfect, but a few days ago i started getting issues with my alexa echo devices when playing back my locally stored audio files through Nabu Casa.

For example i have audio files as time reminders on the hour, but probably at least 1 in 4 of the times im being told “sorry, im having trouble connecting to your simon says eu skill right now”. If I click ‘Run Actions’, the audio file will play fine most of the time so there can’t be an issue with file access or the location name, but if i run the same automation several times eventually one says the sorry message!

Anyone else experienced this? Its rather frustrating as it works most of the time, so makes it very hard to diagnose where the problem is. Im fully updated, performed numerous restarts to Home Assistant, logged out and back into the cloud… any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!

There are a couple of threads about this sort of thing - for example:

Possibly some sort of timeout caused by network activity (Google Assistant sometimes has a similar issue)?

Perhaps you could try storing your audio files locally and using the Alexa Media Player custom integration to play them.

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I know I get this issue all the time with DUCKDNS its related to the platforms Alexa accepts certificates for. Possibly there has been a change or some kind of load balancing by Nabu Casa or Amazon that has introduced this intermitently.

II am still waiting for a way to get it working at all without that error on DUCKDNS.

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thanks mate, i saw that thread but assumed it wasnt the same issue as mines been fine for so long and now its not. I’ll look into using Alexa Media Player.

Thank you, nice to know im not the only one, i would expect loads to be having this issue just suddenly come up though if something had changed?

As I recall, it gives you TTS via your Echo devices as well, so you wouldn’t necessarily need audio files. I only stopped using it because of the extra dependency on the Internet (mine’s a bit flaky) - but presumably you have that anyway if you’re using simon says.

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I use the Alexa Media Player with TTS and it works well. I also use it in my UI so i can message people in other rooms via their Echo. (Telling kids something without having to drop in for call or announce to all devices, like “Turn down the sodding volume” or “Time for Bed turn off your tablet”)

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