Alexa Media Player - 2 Factor - Verification Code not received

Hi there,
Is there any documentation around the 2FA for alexa media player?

After completing the captcha notification, I am asked whether I want to receive a notification code via email, sms, or push notification. Whichever method I choose, I never seem to receive the notification code.



Happened to me. And I tried many different options, in the end the only way for me to get it working was to create a 2FA code on my phone.
In case you do not know how to do this, these are the steps I followed:

  1. Add an “Authenticator” app in you phone. There are many options, I use LastPass Authenticator because I rely heavily on LastPass for other things. But there is also Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc etc.
  2. Go to and navigate to Account --> Login & Security. At the bottom there should be an option that says “Two-Step Verification (2SV)Settings” select that one.
  3. In the 2SV settings page select “Add new app”
  4. Open the app on your phone and scan the barcode or manually enter it
  5. Verify the OTP with your phone
  6. I believe you might need to add a backup method (phone number)

Try again, this time, the confirmation popup when setting up should ask you for a 2fa code instead of an email or sms.

Hopefully this works for you too


This worked for me too. Thanks!

This was incredibly useful and should definitely be part of the Wiki installation instructions for the Alexa Media Player component!

It worked like a charm for me also when I couldn’t receive any code - neither sms or iOS device push notification toons) worked.

I’m not sure I would have ever figured this one out, so Thank you very much!

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Just wanted to say “Thanks!”
Your solution worked a charm!

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Yep… this post saved me many hours of trying to get alexa media working again.
big thanks from me too

Sooo… this definitely helped me get Alexa Media Player installed and working… and I loved it! Until it stops working – which it does often as apparently the authentication expires (literally every couple days).

Now the integration attempts to get itself working again by pushing a notification to you in HomeAssistant asking for you to validate a Captcha . . . but that does not work, and I presume its related to similar issues here where the authentication did not work on initial setup.

Ugggg, so the only solution I have has been to remove and re-add the integration each and every time, but that’s really untenable.

Does anyone else have any updates/ideas on how to improve this process (without disabling two factor authentication, which I’d rather not do)?

Well, recently it stopped working completely for me and every attempt to re-auth via the notifications in HomeAssistant was meet with an enless loop of Captchas. Even with 2FA enabled or disabled, I was not able to authenticate at all anymore via the Captcha…

More details from other folks have also been logged int he Git issue here:

Thankfully someone chimed in with the idea to try Chrome browser Incognito tab. Which finally worked again! So, fyi, if anyone else has issues with the configuration flow or authentication of Alexa Media Player you can try re-installing/re-authenticating inside a Chrome Incognito tab to see if that helps – it resolved my issue finally!


adding the alexa media player is an utterly ridiculous procedure!!! I regret buying the dam thing!

I struggled with this as well. Once I started using the mobile app to approve it and then typing the code from the mobile code app into the Alexa Media Player setup along with that long key, that’s what worked. The key from the app goes in first, then the second one is the looong key from Amazon.

This integration Experience absolutely SUCKS. I’ve even turned off 2fA on my Amazon ACCT but am unable to get past the login screen no matter what I try. It happens every few days. Now I’m dead in The water.

Is it just a amazon being obtuse or does this integration need a complete rewrite?



I keep getting " Invalid Built-In 2FA key". It’s unclear to me what the Built-In 2FA key is supposed to be even. What is this? I agree, the integration experience sucks. Even when you get it working it’s only ever for a few days. Not something you can rely on.


same problem here… nothing appears to work for me.

I finally figured out how to get this working. I’m using HA OS and had my internal url set to “http://homeassistant.local:8123” which appears to be unresolvable for the integration. Instead, I used “http://ip_address:8123” where “ip_address” is your internal IP address and then the wizard for the proxy configuration actually WORKED and I was able to complete setup.

No luck here. Auth to this integration has been a circle-jerk for its entire life. I find it useful, but it never god damn stays working. Oh wait… did I just get one of those, “Failure. Success!” type messages? Did it just auth after about 25 tries? Its like that every time with this thing.

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I’ve just lost connection to the Alexa Media Player integration.
I am presented with this screen but the captcha image is broken so I cannot type its content below
(I do have my 2FA code that I had kept)

If I click the broken captcha image, I am redirected to :

<Message>Request has expired</Message>

I’m not sure where to go from here :frowning:

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Also stuck in the same place as however i found that entering an incorrect value for the captcha generates a second one that can be seen. I can then use this with the 2FA to sign in again… For approximately 15 seconds before it fails again and i am back to the start.
Looks like something may have changed at Amazon’s end?

It’s being discussed here but no clear solution yet

Same exact problem here. Its almost not worth the hassle for this to work. every few days it expires and were all right back here searching for answers.

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After a couple of tries this time, I took your approach and it works - for now. Let’s see how long this time…