Alexa Media Player - 2 Factor - Verification Code not received

Hi there,
Is there any documentation around the 2FA for alexa media player?

After completing the captcha notification, I am asked whether I want to receive a notification code via email, sms, or push notification. Whichever method I choose, I never seem to receive the notification code.



Happened to me. And I tried many different options, in the end the only way for me to get it working was to create a 2FA code on my phone.
In case you do not know how to do this, these are the steps I followed:

  1. Add an “Authenticator” app in you phone. There are many options, I use LastPass Authenticator because I rely heavily on LastPass for other things. But there is also Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc etc.
  2. Go to and navigate to Account --> Login & Security. At the bottom there should be an option that says “Two-Step Verification (2SV)Settings” select that one.
  3. In the 2SV settings page select “Add new app”
  4. Open the app on your phone and scan the barcode or manually enter it
  5. Verify the OTP with your phone
  6. I believe you might need to add a backup method (phone number)

Try again, this time, the confirmation popup when setting up should ask you for a 2fa code instead of an email or sms.

Hopefully this works for you too


This worked for me too. Thanks!

This was incredibly useful and should definitely be part of the Wiki installation instructions for the Alexa Media Player component!

It worked like a charm for me also when I couldn’t receive any code - neither sms or iOS device push notification toons) worked.

I’m not sure I would have ever figured this one out, so Thank you very much!

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Just wanted to say “Thanks!”
Your solution worked a charm!

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Yep… this post saved me many hours of trying to get alexa media working again.
big thanks from me too