Allow choosing multiple HA instances

Please allow me to choose between more than one home. I’d like to manage three locations.


I need a second Home Assistant in a winter home-- but I don’t see any way to choose another IP address or configuration in the HA app? What am I missing? Can you have more than one HA instance?

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I’m not sure if you can move this yourself, but this should be in the mobile app section of the forum.

Please allow use in IoS app to choose more than one HA target. I have two locations I’d like to manage! Three, actually.

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One topic ia enough, you don’t need to open 3 different topics for the same thing.

And vote for your own feature request :wink:

you can already do that with multiple VMs

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IoS does not have multiple VMs. I’m talking about IoS.

Trivial feature-- just allow more than one HA IP address?

PS thanks for consolidating, wasn’t sure which forum this belongs.

It’s not a trivial feature at all, it requires a lot of work and rebuilding of things. Here’s what Zac (iOS dev) said about this a few weeks ago:

I’m planning on taking a stab at it in the near future, but it’s going to be a pretty substantial change. We need a lot of new UI (how do you switch between instances?), error handling (what happens if a webhook to 1 fails, but the other is fine?), storage (how do things like notification categories work when multiple servers can define it? what if there’s conflicts?), etc.

There’s an existing thread in the WTH forum that you can add your vote to.


Thanks SeanM. Joined other conversation. I’m curious, can’t find Zac’s comment in other threads. I think he is solving something way too complex. Vast majority of requests don’t want simultaneous access to multiple HA instances. We just want to choose between multiple instances. Throw away one, access the other. Which absolutely is trivial. Saves me from having to type in a new HA address in settings constantly. That’s what everyone is asking for.


+1 for this feature

as posted in Ios app having more than one home assistant

This shows a massive misunderstanding of what the app does.

If all you need is frontend access to multiple sites, create a home screen shortcut for each (or create a home screen shortcut for one and use the app for the other).

The app does a lot more than just frontend, and a decision would need to be made on how to handle each part in the case of connecting to multiple servers.


The app has sensors that updates in HA.
If you only want to send the sensor data to one at the time then yes it’s a simple fix (perhaps).
But there is also the notifications, what if HA1 detects smoke when you are connected to HA2?
I believe you want the notification.


+1 for the ability to have multiple instances managed by the app.

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I’d like to see that “multiple homes” feature too.
How about allowing to have multiple separate HA Apps installed and running on a mobile device?
The only caveat I could see is more battery drain caused by the HA apps.

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  • 1 for this feature.
    If too complicated, how about just memorising different address with login id and pw, then, upon choosing an address in a dropdown list, automating the manual process of disconnecting from current connected address and reconnecting to choosen one ?

My experience has shown me that you can receive a notification from HA1 while logged into HA2 with the companion app. I was pleasantly surprised! My workaround to the above problem was simply to include the url for each instance IN THE NOTIFICATION MESSAGE. Then, instead of tapping on the alert on your phone, press and HOLD to expand it then tap on the url. This will open that HA’s instance in your web browser instead of the app. Your phone can memorise the username and password so there is nothing more to do except possibly take off your mask. For most everyday things - if not all - the web interface is just as good. In fact, I can’t see any difference really!

Yeah but it wouldn’t work for zone triggers on two different homes, right?

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I’d rather see this as a server based feature. Let the 2 talk and sort it out. HA in HA (High Availability) Or add Zones to the Master and have slave HA ?? What do you think.