Allow grouping entities as a single HomeKit device

I’m hoping we can get HomeKit to be a little neater by allowing multiple sensors to be grouped into a single tile when they are provided by a single device.

At the moment, each entity you add to HomeKit in YAML or via the main interface gets it’s own tile in HomeKit, and is treated as a standalone device. So my temperature sensor that also reports humidity, light level, UV level and motion appears as 4 devices on my iOS devices.

In the following images, you can see my Eve Room (which is directly connected into HomeKit via bluetooth) appears as a single tile for all three reported sensor values it provides.

Meanwhile, the two values I am passing through HomeAssistant from an Aeotec MultiSensor 6 show up as their own tiles:

It sounds picky to worry about this, but when we get down to having a low battery in a device, it’ll be quickly annoying to get multiple alerts about it.

A long time ago, before I knew about HomeAssistant, I got this working on HomeBridge by manually setting the Manufacturer, Model, Firmware and Serial Number of the related sensors to all be the same. when restarting HomeBridge for the first time after adding in the separate sensors, it would show up on the iOS devices as a single tile with the values all in the one place.

Hopefully this could be added, either by HomeAssistant detecting when multiple entities are from the same device, or by having a “linked sensors” config option in entity_config, similar to the linked_battery_sensor. Or even being able to specify Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number and Firmware in the entity config.

+1 for this. It would be even better if we can control what to include in the group.

This would also be a very nice feature to combine entities in one Tile in Homekit.
Does anyone know if there is any development on this?

Honestly not too sure, but one can hope!
Don’t forget to hit the votes button up the top, since that is what tells devs who are looking for something to do how many of us want it! :slight_smile:

One day I might have the coding chops to do this myself, but I’ve got a long way to go before then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d also love to see this feature! I have a Dyson fan that includes oscillate in the fan tile, but I would also like to integrate auto mode and night mode into the same tile. I would have a go at implementing it myself but the code seems pretty complicated. Maybe if I took some time to try in the future…

this would be great, would be much cleaner in the home app.

plus one for this. this would make the homekit experience so much better - especially when you have a lot of light fixtures with multiple smart bulbs and multisensors etc.

+1 on this feature request! Air Quality Sensors would benefits greatly from grouping.

+1 for this feature, this would be a game changer for HomeKit as a frontend UI

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would like to see this as well, it’s very important for anyone using homekit