Allow to mount Google Drive (and other cloud drives) to Home Assistant

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in the following thread, there is a discussion about mounting Google Drive to Home Assistant but I have not yet found a feature request:

There is already an Add-On which allows to backup Home Assistant to Google Drive but as far as I know this Add-On is restricted to backups only.

The goal would be to allow to mount Google Drive (and other cloud drives) as an extension drive to Home Assistant. This would be neat for example if you have security cameras running in Home Assistant and you want to store pictures and videos automatically taken from the camera as soon as motion or a person has been detected. In such a case you would quickly fill up the storage of the Home Assistant installation which is not a good idea. Therefore my goal would be to be able to store all these pictures and videos taken from the camera directly to Google Drive (or other cloud drives such as One Drive, Dropbox, …).

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Not exactly the same, but this FR is similar:

Personally, I think the ability to mount my own NAS would be the priority. I try to do as much as possible locally, and avoid third-party cloud solutions.

After that, the next logical step would be to allow mounting cloud storage. So you have my vote.

One final point: The existing add-on does not exactly back up to Google Drive. It does a normal HA backup to the local storage device, then copies it to Google Drive. This is a great solution for many, and it’s a very well-written and well-supported add-on.

But my HA local storage device is an SD card, so this isn’t good for me. Instead, I use my existing backup process to copy the HA config folder to my NAS along with all my other data, and only use the HA backup procedure when I change something in HA. This cuts way down on SD card writes.

I would much prefer to back up directly to external storage, but that FR doesn’t seem to be getting much love.

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So, I am trying to do this for personal security reasons.

My set up is to use PoE cameras that have their own onboard SD chips and also FTP their video file wherever. (currently they are Reolink. I like their interface and non-cloud independence. They have a PoE doorbell cam I love)

I was using an older WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra. It has a dropbox app that sync every 5 mins… It’s not immediate, but it will backup the cameras’ videos when they FTP to the
NAS.This is has a 5min delay flaw, I know.

I am working on an AWS S3 dump via FTP.