Any info/experience with Ting Fire (Ting electric/electromagnetic) sensor?

Researching smart home insurance policy discounts and I ran across They have a partnership with State Farm insurance.

I’ve reached out to Ting, also thought I’d ask the community for input.
Anyone have experience with Ting company, or the Ting sensor?

I’m going to guess they dont provide access to the sensor data because of some super top secret, proprietary algorithm.

Thanks for any input!


There was a lot of chatter on Ting’s community board about an API but it does not look like it materialized ever but I can reach out to my contact there to find out:

Sadly, not the same Ting. THAT Ting is an internet service provider. This is a different company.

I too would like access to the TingFire data somehow. They don’t have a web interface so I haven’t been able to see if there’s a hacky way to do it the same way the app shows “realtime” data or something. I have used the Chrome developer tools in the past. If someone knows how to do something like that on Android (without root), I’d love to take a look.

With the net traffic sniffing I could do, it looks like the Android app uses the Amazon API Gateway via, and The latter being the real-time interface, I believe. I’m not a programmer so I’m not sure where to go next, but Authentication seems like the first step (based on the result from the api link above). If there’s some kind of toolkit for poking at this, I’d love to continue but haven’t found anything.

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Anyone make any progress on this? State Farm sent me one of these, and I’d love to add it to my HA. shows all the API endpoints, but like Matt said without being able to authenticate it’s not very useful.

Looking to sign up for one of these. @reotto How has your experience been? Worth messing with?

I enjoy it. It keeps my mind at ease. I have a pretty big home network, and draw more power than I like with it and other items in my house.

It is cool to be notified if we have a power outage, and to know that it is tracking voltage spikes, power spikes, etc.

I will say it is hypersensitive, not in a bad way. Where I live, we rarely lose power, but one day I had a loss of power indication and less than a second later it said it was back on. I went home with the expectation that I would have a bunch of items with their clocks blinking, but nothing was, and my wife said she didn’t notice anything.

I’d rather it error on the side of caution so I appreciated the notification. I have had it for about 5 months, and the only notification I have ever receied.

For me, my insurance company gave me one so I can’t complain to much.

I still wish I could get into the API and make it a dashboard in HA, but that seems to not be going anywhere so far.

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I’m new to HA and owner of a Ting Fire device. While searching for an interface I found this document on Whisker Labs site: Whisker Labs API Reference

Is this helpful in creating an interface?