Any way to force some users to a dashboard other than Overview?

I’m not sure this is the correct place to ask this question. New with Hassio on RPi 4 here. I have a simple setup I plan to deploy at my mother’s house. She’s 85 and an iPad user. I would like her to be able to interact with the system via a limited dashboard. I don’t want her to be able to change dashboards. She’s capable of logging in with a user name and password. Is Hassio capable of assigning specific dashboards to specific users?

My other option would be to set up an old iPad and somehow force it to always display the limited dashboard. No idea how to do this and just thought of it as I was writing this. Ideas welcome.

Just create a User MUM (NOT A ADMIN LOL)

then in her profile Pick a default dashboard for this device her (iPad). and Hide the sidebar

and turn off the advanced Mode

@abreuma677 - use Custom Header from the HA Community Store (HACS).

This will achieve what you want.

I have this controlling what is seen in HA from an old tablet, wall mounted and always logged into HA.

What you’re saying makes perfect sense but I’m not entirely sure how to do this.

While logged in as the first user (admin) I don’t see any way in Hassio to change her profile in this way. When I look at Configuration->Users and click on her user record I see very little I can change besides whether she’s an admin or not.

If I log in as her, I can click on her name in the lower-left corner and I see what I would assume is the profile you’re talking about. I can change the dashboard and hide the sidebar there. Things look perfect but when I out and back in as her, those settings have been changed back to what they were before.

Thanks. Going to look into this. I have an old iPad mini that would be perfect if I can make it work.

like this bro

login as admin create the MUM Users


now goto the Profile and click log out

now login as mum and click on profile
select her dashboard for this device
always hide side bar

login on a differance computer and change the mum profile to a no admin person

should be good to

Lol! I was wondering about the “bro” thing til I realised you were both from across the ditch…

The thing about Custom Header is that you can hide your tabs in Lovelace as well as the sidebar, or decide what tabs to show and hide others.

But if you are just making a small system for your mum then maybe just a user account like @myle suggested is the way to go, you won’t have a dozen tabs of which you only want your mum to see three.

new about the custom heater thing but that be a easier using the defaults in HA
then when he out grows its he add the Custom Header

on the good side of the ditch bro

Nope, didn’t seem to make a difference. I used my phone as the 2nd computer.

do have a mum profile setup??

I have just tested

1st create a mum profile ADMIN turn off on phone
2nd goto ipad log into HA
3rd if mum not login click on profile bottom left
4 click logout
5 now login as mum
6 answer yes to do you want to stay log in
7 click m profile
8 select her theme and Dashboard and always hide sidebar
9 sidebar should hide
10 click on her Dashboard done

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I’ve been IT system admin and controls engineer for 35+ years and feel like I’m pretty good technically, but these instructions confound me.

Before I posted my first note I had 2 users:

  1. mark - the first account and admin account (me)
  2. frances - my mum’s account and not an admin (says “Users” next to her name in the user list)

The replies so far are unclear on whether frances needs to be an admin or not to change her own profile. In a note previous to this I was instructed to make her an admin to make the profile change, then turn her admin off… In the quoted instructions it says (I think) to turn admin off from the beginning, which describes my first attempts. Either way, my Hassio installation, which is new in the last month and updated every time it says there’s an update, will not save her profile changes for default dashboard and hiding the side bar if she logs out and back in.

I’m using a Windows PC and chrome, and my android phone and chrome.

Keep in mind that right now I’m 700 miles away from my mum and am setting this all up at my house to take there someday. What I want is this - when frances logs into HA I want her to see the dashboard I set in the profile, but that profile dashboard seems to get reset to default every time she logs out. I can make things work the way I want for the duration of one login, but that’s not good enough.

I’m not doubting your statement and though myle could have taken more care with his instructions (slight spelling/grammar issues only) his suggestion is the way I’d go and seemed both clear and logical to me (I have set my users (the wife) up exactly this way).
So this must be a terminology issue or you are not familiar with an aspect of this.
You don’t actually need to hide the side bar as you can disallow users from seeing admin Dashboards (though not sure if the icon shows up still, not checked)
The point is that you create the account as admin, set up the pad to see the selected dashboard. Change the shortcut/setting (on the pad) to point to that user dashboard. Disable local advanced view.
Change the account to ‘user’ on another interface.
It may assist if you move all your other screens to admin Dashboards whilst deleting the standard ui-lovelace.yaml (I was loath to do this, so it’s trickier, but her device has no memory of the old address so you need to copy it in carefully and you should be bullet-proof.

Does this live through her logging out and back in?

I guess what puzzles me is this, I should be able to configure and test this on my PC with chrome.

  1. Log in as mark (admin).
  2. Change frances to admin.
  3. Log out as mark.
  4. Log in as frances.
  5. Change frances profile dashboard to a 2nd dashboard I created.
  6. Log out as frances.
  7. Log in as frances.
  8. frances dashboard should still be the 2nd dashboard, but it’s the Overview dashboard.

Maybe my problem is this logging in and out thing? And not understanding why this is important to do on the device actually being used? I want to think the device I use to access HA has nothing to do with this but maybe that’s part of my misunderstanding? I want to think that regardless of what device frances logs in from she’ll get the dashboard I want her to see. That seems to be a bad assumption.

It’s not the easiest but it should be demonstrable.
You can set up two shortcuts (for example) : -

  1. (full normal default access to ui-lovelace.yaml)
  2. (the ‘user’ dashboard you want your mum to use, this will be dependent upon what you name that dashboard (in this case I called it ‘lovelace-user’))

The point being she won’t have knowledge of the other address (and will be unauthorised to use alternate Dashboards) And would need either the full address of option 1 or to truncate that address for the default to kick in for the ui-lovelace.yaml (hence why deleting that makes it easier).

The login is incidental, as you’d have to enable advanced mode to see what you’re missing and you can’t get closer as the account has been reduced to ‘user’ (and that assumes that your mother is motivated to try).

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My automation name is: “269-Automation”

Both of these work!

Now I need to see if I can set up a trusted device - her iPad eventually - so she doesn’t have to log in. Of course I have no idea if this is possible. Worst case I make her log in every time. If I use my current trusted network setup there’s nothing stopping her from using my admin account. My HA server still asks me to pick one of the users when I use these URLs.

This is very close to what I was looking for and workable! Thank you very much!

Eh !
Not sure about this.
I login to my device (phone/tablet/win PC/Linux PC) and the shortcuts/bookmarks are stored in the browsers, my logins to HA are already stored (remember this password etc.) it’s all quite seemless.
If you are concerned about security then you can use two factor authentication (an option available from the user menu).

Remember to mark @myle 's post as the solution as his option was the one you ultimately used

Yes I may have an unusual situation where the nerdy person who set up the system isn’t the one using the system.

Thanks to all!

Mark, the suggestion was submitted by @myle you should mark his post as the solution, not mine (you can only mark one)

Good luck

Maybe I don’t understand. The idea of direct URLs for the dashboards was posted by you was it not?

Sorry, yes.
I didn’t realise you considered that to be your solution.
I stand corrected