Anyone else having issues with MYQ?

I’m ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Any suggestions for a locally controllable overhead door system?

Is there a way for Chamberlin to permanently shutoff the MyQ integration? Or will we always be able to “fix” this issue each time they update their API?

Question to the group: Would it be better/more stable to use homekit_controller rather than the API? (assuming you have the HomeKit compatible version of MyQ, which I happen to have)

It depends on if MyQ is also changing how the device status and properties are reported to HomeKit. My guess is it would be more stable until MyQ makes a change in how it’s reporting to HomeKit.

I wasn’t aware that Chamberlain MyQ had an official Homekit integration. From that fact alone, Homekit would surely be much more stable in the sense that any changes to their connectivity should not intentionally break the interface between it and MyQ.

However, it appears that yet another hub is required! MyQ Home Bridge 819LMB - $95 on Amazon? No thanks.

If you’re still interested in pursuing MyQ Homekit, here is a helpful guide from @FlyGuy62N that was posted in a related “MyQ not working again” thread.

@GaryOkie In my pre-HA days, my house was 100% HomeKit. So I do have yet another hub! Maybe I’ll give MyQ via homekit_controller a try to see how it goes. Thanks for the feedback!

You’re welcome!

And to all - HA .110.5 that was just released a few minutes ago contains the latest MyQ patch! It may not show up on your dashboard as an available update for several hours though.

This is great news. Thank you!

broken again? Anyone else lose it again tonight? Anyone find a workaround for MyQ to get rid of the gateway? running 0.110.5.

Is Chamberlain doing this on purpose?

Issue has been reported here:
Looks like MyQ are doing this on purpose as it’s blocking the User-Agent that pymyq specifically uses.

I’m not sure that is actually the case that it’s intentional. I hope not.

I followed the instructions on how to modify the user agent and my garage is working again!

I also modified the user agent and it’s working again! Thanks!

Here we go again.

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Great to see it fixed so quickly, hopefully it will make a release soon. Kudos to all involved.

any way to apply this fix to home assistant OS no the docker version?

You can see the changes here:

You need to modify a line in the file:

DEFAULT_USER_AGENT = "myQ/14041 CFNetwork/1107.1 Darwin/19.0.0"
DEFAULT_USER_AGENT = "myQ/19569 CFNetwork/1107.1 Darwin/19.0.0"

@Dorque thanks for the reply!

that is what i’m trying to find… where is that file located! im running HAss.os on RPi 4.

If you go into Home Assistant logs, there will be errors related to that file. I’m not sure where it is for you since I use the Docker version of Home Assistant. For Docker, it is in /usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pymyq/ in the Docker container.