Apple watch complications documentation

Hey guys,

Any one get a good complication going to show state of a switch or an alarm panel? I wanted to set something like this up, but I can’t find much. I almost got something going by using the

{{ states('alarm_control_panel.ring_alarm')}}

into one of the complications but I could not find anything else on this.


I’m of no use sorry. Searching for the same. Struggling to understand how this is done without any doco. Surely someone knows how it works. I’m trying to display some basic text on the photo watch face.

It almost seems as it’s unfinished. How do I build and save a complication?? The UI is terrible!! Hate to say it. I gave up after fiddling for 20 mins. Anyone ever get this to work?

the complications are not working good i could not make it to work some times it does not update for hours
i have been using pushover complications for 2 years they work really well here you can find a topic on how set it up

I gave up honestly. Haven’t really tried as of late. I will maybe just use the shortcuts that you can build on your watch, but not the complications.

Bump on this. Anyone find any documentation on this?

I’ve been fiddling with this today, and have come to the conclusion that only the ‘Large Rectangle’ complication works. I posted about it here.