Architecture options question

I have a QNAP NAS that can run both virtual machines as well as docker and LXC containers. I also have a RaspberryPi 3B+ with an attached standard 7" Pi touchscreen. I am using the GPIO on this Pi to attach some I2C bus sensors but would also like to use the touchscreen as the main user interface.

It looks like there are a stack of installation options for HASS and I am looking for some direction on the best way to setup my system. i.e. should I:

  • use the HASSIO OS on the Pi (seems to have no flexibility outside of the portal)
  • run homeassistant docker containers on the Pi under the Raspian OS
  • run docker containers on my NAS and communicate with the Pi GPIO remotely. I want to use Node-Red integrated with Homeassistant so would need to install the Supervisor version

Any direction would be appreciated.

If your QNAP can run VM, I would go that route. And use the RPi 3 for something else (touchscreen etc.)
Specifically: QNAP box => Virtualization Station 3 => use the official HassOS VM

There was a thread on this: