Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client - Updates Thread

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The application is not supporting Android TV yet(but it will soon) (it can be installed and laucned but it will have same UI like in the phone / tablet)


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • better stability for switch entities (flickering should be removed)
  • refresh switch status in advance dialog
  • add support for web links when an entity provide it (ex: update available entity)
  • show sensors values & unit of measurement in badges
  • small tabs UI changes
  • add support for effect list in lights
  • fix issue when brightness control appear for non light entities
  • add support for color temperature

Please test it and let me know how it works.


Finding lots of rendering issues. Switches in the wrong groups etc… the alarm shows up twice in the wrong area.



Seems to be related to Lovelace rendering. Can you send me your lovelace configuration by any chance?


I don’t have secrets file set up but planned on working on that today I will post once that’s done.


Oh love lace yes. I’ll get that over.


I just installed this and am trying to configure it but what is the username that I should be using to connect to HA? I don’t ever remember creating a user. I’ve tried “owner” and “admin”, but neither worked.


What’s your HA version? You can also use web login option. Please try if works.


I’m running 0.65.0. I’ve since discovered that leaving the user id blank works!


Yes, if the user field is set to blank, api_password authentication is used. Glad to hear it works.


Can people please read the first post of this thread !!!

Can a mod clean up this thread and if possible limit who can post in it.


Sorry I missed that. I have deleted my post and moved it to the correct forum. Thanks for the reminder.


Hello all,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • fixed crash when entering advance option in lights
  • fixed climate text alignment
  • improvements when rendering lovelace cards
  • add support for unconfigured lovelace views (no title, not path, no image etc)
  • do not show friendly name in media player views
  • show full screen preview when pressing camera badge

Please test it and let me know how it goes.


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • fixed issue when trying to connect with local IP on wrong wifi network
  • scroll badges name if too long
  • scroll server URL in navigation drawer if its too long
  • added entity button lovelace card
  • use “execute” text when having script view
  • trigger scenes from widgets

Please test it and let me know how it goes. Thank you.


Hello all,
Version 1.2.7 is out.
What’s new:

  • added support for input number view
  • fix issue when brightness of lights is set with delay
  • update image for glance entities
  • support groups in card entities
  • fixed crash when freeing MQTT call sensor

Please test it and let me know how it goes.


Any chance to have support for the custom card-modder? I have all the cards modded in lovelace, but actually i cannot use lovelace mode as i cannot see any card.


I will add it to my TODO list, but it will not going to be available soon. In the meantime i will make in Ariela to display all unsupported lovelace cards as entities card , in this way you will be able to see something in lovelace mode.


Ok thanks… i can wait…



Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added settings option to turn off text scrolling
  • better switch handling
    Please test it and let me know how it goes.


Is this on the active issues list?

Btw, great app, I bought pro!