Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client

Same in here…

Yes, i know about that. I will have to do some modifications regarding this.

Battery usage still growing. Went to 15 % when I plugged in. When I run gpslogger it uses very little battery. Something most n be wrong.

hi @Ionut. im still there :wink:
just updated, after a while and now ariela starts up with “home” (translated though) but it shows all devicetracker and sensor entities on top, big and all on a row.
i got most of them in groups, so why do i see them all there?

i got mqtt sensors activated: cams, battery, call_state, wifi, etc.
autodiscovery in HA (0.93.2) and all of them have names like:
sensor.MobileMobile_… or camera.MobileMobilefrontcamera (where backcamera has an extra space)

why do i get the double name? (i have seen some comments about that in this topic a while ago, but didnt see a solution)
and i see the cams, but no pics. how do i get the cams show a pic in HA?

and i must compliment you. i didnt think you would last that long (because supporting can be exhausting sometimes), and you are still going on strong!
keep up the good work, your a champ.


This is a great app. I have it installed on my Work Tablet, the Kitchen Tablet and my Oneplus 6t, I was very happy to buy the Pro version.

I did a search, and saw a brief mention of this back in January but never saw an update. Are there any plans to add “Wake on Motion”? We use our kitchen tablet as a dashboard, and I’d love to be able to get away from WallPanel and start using this instead.

I believe you are not using lovelace correct? If yes, that is normal, as i saw that HA web ui shows those entities as badges also.

Because mobile_app sensors had been introduced we still need to have unique sensors id’s. This was the solution i had for the moment. In the future i will see what i can do to improve the naming scheme.

You still need to trigger a MQTT topic to receive the cams picture. Ariela will never send images without that trigger.

Thank you very much, like i said before, i have big plans for Ariela :smiley:

Thank you very much for the support, i really appreciate it.

I am working on this: Wall dashboard & Android TV UI / UX
Once this mode is fully implemented, RTSP or another protocol camera streaming (from tablet to HA) will also be available. With this streaming, the wake on motion can also be implemented :slight_smile: so please stay tuned :smiley:


That is great! So happy to hear it.

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Hello all,

Version is out:

  • NEW: GPS accuracy setting (do not send GPS location if accuracy in meters is less then a set value)
  • fixed issue when updating mobile_app sensor
  • make badges icons smaller
  • fixed icon loading issue in sensor lovelace card
  • minor UI changes to sensor lovelace card
  • change PRO app name from Ariela PRO to Ariela
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only those that are in no group at all. if they are in a group then there is no need for them to be there.
i have a ton off sensors and trackers, to place them all there is pretty useless.

how about sensor.mqtt_devicename_… and sensor.ma_devicename_… ?

i guess i didnt find the right way to do that. i tried but no result.
can you point me to what to trigger?

by the way i tried finding the doc website you got (without reading back hundreds of postings here) and find in the app the link, but it shows me a website that is unrelated to this app.

maybe a help button in your app that leads to the docs you created would be helpfull.

FYI the Ariela website is a simple Google search could have told you that :wink:

thx, i think i am getting old and forgot about google :wink:

still no luck.
i published to the topic, but nothing happens.

Which MQTT client did you set in Ariela. Note that Camera from Ariela will not going to work except if you set MQTT build in client(See Ariela -> Settings-> MQTT -> MQTT Client). Note that if you choose this client you will also need to configure it using " Configure build-in MQTT client" option.

yup, did set build in client, also configured it and restarted ariela.

If still do not work, please send me the logs and i will investigate it.

Was something changed with Ariela mqtt sensors (Bluetooth sensor in particular) in latest release? Told you few days ago that location on device disconnected doesn’t work. Now it works.
But in a weird way :slight_smile:
When I connect bluetooth device, it send’s 2 mqtt messages, first one without coordinates, second one (immediately after first) with location and maps link
When device is disconnected, it send’s 3 messages (also all in same second), two without coordinates and third one with them

Since in my case there is automation that gets coordinates when they are missing, now this is creating problem for me. First thought that it’s some temporary problem, but tried multiple times, restarted home assistant and ariela, I allways get multiple messages


This behavior for HFP & A2DP MQTT sensors its ok. Let me see what i can do to send only once the message

Thanks, but if that is ok, you don’t need to look into it on my behalf.
Just thought that this behavior is not normal, anyone using this in his automation will be in bit of a problem and didn’t see it happen before, so I decided to tell you about it.
But in my case, it’s easy fix.
Since I use node red and my own location anyways, I just added throttle node which is set to pass through only one disconnect message in 5 seconds period
So that way I avoided device update multiple times in short period

Thanks, this fixed my issue not being able to view Lovelace remotely!

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Hi Ionut, was setting up the availability sensor and noticed a typo on your instruction webpage. You have “value_template: '{{ (((as_timestamp(now()) | int) - 2*60) | timestamp_custom(”%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:00")) >= states.sensor.galaxy_s8_available __status.state }}’" but I believe it should be availability.

Might save someone else like me from spending a while trying to work out what the error message "[homeassistant.helpers.condition] Error during template condition: UndefinedError: ‘None’ has no attribute ‘state’ " means :slight_smile:



In the fallowing days i will update current instructions and create documentation where missing since it will help a lot of people.