Wall dashboard & Android TV UI / UX

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Hello everybody,

I created this post in order to track, receive ideas, etc regarding Ariela for wall mounted tablets & Android TV. For now this is the UI / UX that i came up to, but i really appreciate any ideas that could be implemented.

Small spoilers:


This looks great!

You sent me here after I was asking about the wake on motion feature for my Kitchen Tablet. If you need testers, I’m happy to help.

I am glad you like it. This is still a work in progress. Once i will have something for testing i will post here :smiley:

Hi Ionut, after installing Ariela on my phone, tablet, wife and daughters phones and a wall tablet I’m sold :slight_smile: The one thing I’ve wanted for a while is better control of my Nvidia Shield. Will this Android TV app be installable on the shield? If so, will it be able to see the state of apps and trigger automations? I’m thinking similar to the Kodi integration where if I play anything in kodi I can turn off/down lights then bring them back up when I pause or stop the stream. If I could do that in Netflix, Prime, Stan I’d be a happy man! Is this a possibility?

Cheers for Ariela, it’s awesome and I’m a happy migrator from Zanzito (as many seem to be!)

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Thank you very much, i am glad you like the app. Ariela even now can run on Android TV but it must be manually installed and the control is not that great, that’s why i am preparing this UI.

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Can’t wait for it :slight_smile: Is it worth me installing now and testing or better to wait for the UI enhanced version?

Like i said , is still a work in progress but if you want when i have something that can be tested i can send the apk to you.

That would be awesome, thanks Mate

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I have also a android TV. Could you send me the apk file?

When i have something that can be tested i will send you too.

Hey, have you tried the androidtv integration? If you use hassio there is a helper add-on called ADB - Android Debug Bridge that can also be installed which basically allows home assistant to talk to your androidtv device (I’m using an Nvidia Shield TV). It sets up a media_player.shieldtv and using this I have automations exactly as you have described, so when playing, paused or stopped I can dim/brighten lights

Love your work @jimbob1001!

I had looked at this months ago but somehow missed that it works with the shield and when I tried it with my fire tv quickly I hadn’t installed the adb addon so it failed too and I gave up after little effort :wink:

Revisited after your message and it works perfectly! Thanks for taking the time to let me know mate.

I had one issue with Kodi which shows “playing” as soon as it’s opened which would have made my lights automation a little off on first start but using node red I managed to filter out the kodi related messages and it works perfectly for all other video apps. I still have the original flow working for Kodi so all good on both fronts.

Love this stuff!

Yeah there’s a few apps that trigger my lights to dim when just opening - google play store seems to and then Netflix automatically plays trailers which triggers also. Never quite got round to working out a fix so might investigate your node red flow!

If it helps I used the all events node but restricted to event type media_player.nvidia_shield then used a switch node to only progress the flow if it was not equal to Kodi on the data.event.new_state.attributes.app_name message property.

Not played with it much but working perfectly for what I need tonight although auto playing trailers may need to be looked into as I just tested it and it does indeed activate the “play” automation. Not sure what (if any!) the solution would be there though…

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Are there any Updates on this Topic? The UI looks nice.

This is still a work in progress

Can you show also how envision the “Dashboard” part of the UI, besides the CCTV part which looks great.
For example which pieces of info would you allow to be displayed there ( I think weather, some sensor info, google calendar appointments and todo lists would be nice to have there).

I think the TV UI should be more for glancing information than for making action.

Yes, the dashboard will be configurable from Ariela only and indeed most of the entities will be available to be placed there.