Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client

If you can think you can help you can use english translation file and translate to Chinese.
Here is the link with all translation files:

After you translate, you can make a pull request or send the updated file over email.
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is it possible to add screen control via the app? i have wall mounted android tablets and want to be able to turn screen on/off based on motion sensors (either motion on tablet camera sensor or external 3rd party sensor)

How about using it along with Fully Kiosk Browser & App, it can do exactly what you’re mentioning it. You can even control nearly everything with it with their API.

So you can use with HA, if anyone is at home and in an specific room (based on motion sensor) then turn on the screen, otherwise turn off.

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A proximity sensor its already available which can be use to wake up the screen in theory. Only problem is that Ariela do not have a way to turn on / off the screen for now. It can be possible, but only using MQTT, not via mobile_app api.

i have tried that but with mixed results, i havent been able to get he on/off to work consistently as i would like.

plus if i use fully kiosk then im not using Ariela and the features it has

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I will see what i can do to add the screen on /off feature. Also, this is something i am working on: Wall dashboard & Android TV UI / UX

You know you can use Ariela with Fully Kiosk? I have a tablet locked down to a few applications for guest use:

  • Ariela
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Google Play Music
  • Etc etc etc

Guests can only use these apps or you can set it to only launch and display Ariela. I have set it to turn on/off the screen based on motion (it used on camera motion detected). That way they cannot do anything funny on my tablet (Using Play Store to download or buy stuff, checking pictures, accessing my browser, etc).
It can be controlled remotely too via their API to manage nearly anything you can think off since it runs as device manager and has absolute control over your device so it can use anything on your phone.

How often does Ariela push locations to HA? My wife’s drive to work is about 40 miles and I want to be able to check how she is doing with traffic, etc. Her Ariela is set to Mobile App, GPS Mode, updates period of 1 min, updates position 100 m, accuracy of 0, distance between location 0. Also set to allow background running.

With all this, her location on the map sporadically changes anywhere from 1 to 3 miles apart. It doesn’t really seem like it time related either. On her phone, Google maps tracks her location with no lag, so her position is being updated on her phone properly.

What can be causing the lack of updating?

Do you have Ariela running in background at least? If not, Ariela will going to receive location updates much slower (sometimes at 10 minutes since Android limitations occur)

Yes, it running in the background.

Please send me the logs and i will check it out.

I will get the logs tomorrow from her phone. After she gets home this evening, I will turn on debugging
on her phone before she travels again.

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i have consistency issues with my fully kiosk settings. i must need to look into it more, in terms of screen on and off

also, using the camera as a screen trigger doesnt work so well at night time (too dark to see the motion). so i tried using an external (xiaomi) motion sensor to trigger the screen on with motion but for some reason it still wont always work

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup a mobile view using Ariela view that can be correctly rendered (no custom components as they are not supported yet) that can be suitable for my wife.

Can someone please share love with some inspiring ui?

How is battery life of using as device tracker, I am now to this app, want to test it since Google maps is eating battery on a Motorola , mine OnePlus is fine though

Depends on the settings you put, if you choose a higher update interval you can expect not so much battery usage.

So, what are best settings? Will 5 min interval hurt battery?

That will be fine.

ok, just installed it

i see disabled settings at default
mode :

mobile app / See service

what are those? they are disabled by default, must one of the 2 enabled?

You will have to use at least 1 of them. I recommend using mobile_app since Ariela can use it to update even if its not running in background(of course this will happen with less intensity since Android OS limitation).