Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Hello everybody,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • NEW: Lovelace sensor card support
  • NEW: added ability to switch on / off groups (states ui only)
  • fixed issue while setup when entering spaces after IP address
  • change button text from “OK” to “Continue” while setup
  • fixed shopping list rendering glitch
  • update lovelace light UI card
  • WEAR: force updating the credentials on the watch


I can not find the wear app on the phone if i search for it on my huawei watch
Is there a link for it?


I found it by going to play store on the watch and scrolling down, there is a list of apps on your phone, Ariela was at the top. Click on the arrow to install.


I just want to say that you are doing awesome work. I am following the project closely. The speed of the updates and fixes are seriously impressive.


It can be so easy sometimes :slight_smile:


Wear app is integrated in the Ariela. This means if you go to google store from Phone you should find it.

Thank you very much, i am glad you like my work. And many thanks to everyone for using Ariela.


Hello all,

Version 1.2.9 is out.
What’s new

  • Picture entity card: hide header if show_name && show_state are false
  • NEW: Lovelace thermostat card support


This apps looks really promising but I was a bit disappointed when I tried to browse my Lovelace UI and barely half of my cards were rendered. What’s stopping you from just enabling full html rendering? It seems like an impossible task to maintain a specific implementation for every card that is used in lovelace. Even though your update speed is incredible at the moment I hesitate to invest in something that requires updates for every change. If you just manage a generic compatibility with lovelace then I’m on board! :wink:

Another topic. The only way to disable the permanent notification seems to be to disable all notifications for the app. I would like to be able to notify in case of alarm but not have the permanent one. That should be possible, right?


The plan is to support at least the official lovelace cards and custom ones to be implemented by number of requests. Indeed its very hard to support all those custom cards, but i believe is doable. Regarding web view mode, Ariela already support this feature, and you can enable it from application settings.

Regarding notifications, you can just only disable the permanent notification group and the icon will not be shown.



Version is out.
What’s new:

  • do not show measurement in badges status
  • states UI: do not show hidden entities as badges
  • minor UI changes to MQTT sensors activity
  • glance card: handle show name attribute
  • glance card: handle columns attribute
  • glance card: handle show_status attribute
  • entity filter card: fix display issue
  • fixed invalid icon display in lovelace button cards
  • fixed crash in firebase notification when invalid color was set


Little spoiler: new theme for tomorrow’s update: Dark Green


Hi, first of all, thanks for the great app. Purchased pro about 10 minutes in, it’s certainly good enough to pay for!

A humble request: I know supporting custom cards is hard, but I would ask if you could prioritize the MonsterCard, which is, I think, essential to keep track of new devices, automations and things of that nature.

Perhaps you could have people vote for the most popular custom cards to help prioritize implementation.

I also appreciate the separate thread for feature updates, following this one can be like drinking from a fire hose.


Thank you for the support.
I will add MonsterCard to my top of the TODO list.

Regarding future updates thread, one can be found here: Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client - Updates Thread


Never has a developer ever responded to me this fast about anything. I will add the update thread to my watched threads so I won’t miss any updates :slight_smile:


I respond fast and i fix issues / add new features even faster :stuck_out_tongue:


And with web ui checked in settings:


I will vote for custom card-modder the only one to fully customize every card


That is picture element card and is not yet supported by Ariela.

Noted !


I’m just getting started with HA.

I don’t suppose anyone has made a video of Ariela in action?


Great work with the app, loving it!

Although I’m having issues with scanned NFC tags not being reported back to HA. Always seem to have the “unknown” state, any ideas? MacroDroid app on phone has no issues reading the NFC tags in my home.

Also, how does the light sensor work? Seems it’s polling the sensor even if screen is off? Can’t really confirm it but it feels my battery is draining much faster last few days since started using Ariela. I have GPS updates set to 15min / 100m