Athom Human Presence Sensor mmwave (share your experiences)

I just saw this pop up and can’t see any threads or info yet.

Any experiences or even just your 2 cents?

From some folk in Discord.

Inside may be this sensor.

This may be the config.

I just one today and set it up. Pretty easy to join my WiFi network and automatically appeared in HA. Lots of settings to play with. First impressions: PIR is super quick, mmWave sensor too. It has a light sensor built in too. No zones support.

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Thanks for pointing these out. Nice and cheap so I think I’ll grab a couple and see how they go.

I wonder how easy/hard it will be to chip swap it to an ESP32 so we can include a BLE proxy…

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Not sure how the certification is on it or how that works?

The Athom AU smart plugs aren’t certified.

But I guess you just need to swap the adapter if it’s not certified and that’s a concern?

Yeah, it’s just USB powered so a locally purchased adaptor will satisfy the certification side of things for Aus.

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Just got mine last night, works great. PIR is super fast and mmwave seems to keep lights on. Does anyone know what each of the adjustable parameters is for?

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From tuckie on Discord

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Aiden on Discord mentioned these would swap out.

They commented:

The shield should be removed, otherwise the back cover cannot be closed

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Any chance that zones can be built for this one? This is one of the really amazing features of the Aqara.

Generally, you only need to adjust the detection distance, maintain sensitivity and fade time, and the other parameters are defaulted. Followed by the value range and default value

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Here’s an improved configuration for the sensor


  • now stores mmWave configuration values as it is supposed to
  • add PIR delay in substitutions to configure no occupancy delay on PIR motion and Occupancy sensors
  • change Occupancy sensor logic to make sense
  • smaller steps for configuration options allowing finer grained configurations
  • sliders with too many options switched to number boxes
  • remove on trigger delay of 50ms for even more responsive triggers (no idea why they’re set in the first place)
  • set button to internal since its a reset button and hard to reach
  • remove factory reset button from HA device card, if you really want to reset use the web UI or the button
  • disabled by default these diagnostic sensors: MAC address, SSID)

Does anyone have experience on how it compares to the everything presence 1? I’m tempted by the price. Lewis’ device is feature rich and offers a humidity and temperature sensor and with the ESP32 also Bluetooth, but how does the PIR and mmWave sensor compare against the Atom sensors?

My two arrived a couple of days ago so will hopefully get them up and running this weekend. I’ll report back.

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It doesnt since Lewis used a 20$ sensor and athom used a 2-3$ one. athom has detection of a moving thing, EP1 has so much more especially with the latest beta software

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Are you able to confirm which sensor they use please?

Do you know the name of it? I don’t know if it is supposed to be obvious, but it’s not to me;)