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I just saw in the store a picked it up. It $45 vs $65 for the smart one (when available) , so really not worth hacking, unless you want extra features.

Thank you, I clearly haven’t been following, I thought you were talking about a power board.

Hey Seano. Mate, no luck. Life has sorta been thrown into chaos over the last few weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and have a solid look at it. A mate of mine did pass his eyes over the kit, but also came to no solid conclusion.
Will keep you posted if we have any further developments!

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I reckon the blinds would be 433mhz and so could be controlled with a broadlink RM Pro.

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Thanks mate, I’ll check that out. If you have a Broadlink Pro could you let me know where you got it. Thanks for the reply.

I usually buy from Ali Express but I got mine off Ebay because i was impatient at the time.

The newer models floating around are “pro plus3”, for which the Home Assistant integration doesn’t seem to strictly support, but I got mine working eventually after a bit of a hassle. Has been solid. You could also try your luck with a Sonoff RF Bridge hacked and flashed with Esphome, but that didn’t work properly for me for some applications.

This Ali shop has motors and sells RM Pro:

Other links:

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Thanks mate, you have been very helpful. I’ll have a read through the stuff you’ve posted. As you probably guessed, I have near zero experience with RF bridges. When I say near zero, I actually mean zero. I’ve got the get the blinds setup first though.

Thanks again.

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Neither did I. You’ll figure it out. Its just a device that learns and sends the commands you hit on your remote button. Think of it as a super remote. I won’t highjack this thread any further on the topic:). Feel free to tag me on other related threads if you get stuck.

Hey Guys. Been awhile since I posted on here. Just wondering if anyone has Bricked a Single Deta Grid Connect light switch? I am pretty sure I have bricked onto today by turning power on and off two many times accidentally.
So i am trying to work out if a can Recover it either by some for a hard reset on the device or opening the device and manually upload binary file?
Any ideas of help would be appreciated. Cheers all

Hi Seano.
Hey I’ve also bought one of the Arlec Grid Connect motion sensors to play with the idea of using with HA. I have an ESP32 Dev board with ESPhome and the esp32_BLE_tracker code loaded.
One thing different though, I can’t find a way to register the sensor in the Grid Connect phone app. It wants to try looking for sensors through WiFi not BLE. I also tried unsuccessfully to pair through the phones BT setup with the sensor in pairing mode. Can you recall how you registered your motion sensor without a Grid Connect Hub ?
This is a pic of the sensors module, for other peoples info.

Also, found the pinout info for the module.
FCC info for Tuya TYBT3 BLE

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Hi mr.sneezy
I think I used the TUYA smart life app rather than grid connect. Just follow the instructions in the app.
Add ("+") a new device, select from “security and sensors” , “Motion Detector” and then “Motion Detector (Bluetooth)”. Put the device in paring mode using the internal button.

I do have the device kind of working on Esphome and HA. I’m using the ESP32 as a bluetooth tracker and sensing the bluetooth signal strength for the motion sensor. The motion sensor wakes up when it detects movement and the bluetooth tracker sees it. This approach wouldn’t work for the contact sensors. I can’t get battery level.
The additional problem is that there is a regular wakeup (every 5 min in my case). This might actually be the bluetooth tracker starting a new scan and causing the motion sensor to respond. I’ve done some dodgy code to handle this. Since I’ve only using this to put a fan on a timer, this solution is adequate for me. It wouldn’t be suitable for alarms etc. My Esphome yaml is below, (add in your own WIFI config etc, and BLE mac address for your motion sensor following the instructions in Esphome docs):

  # device id
  plug_id: eh_esp32_cam1

  name: ${plug_id}
  platform: ESP32
  board: esp32dev

  - id: time_hb
    type: int 
  - id: time_now
    type: int 
  - id: time_detect
    type: int 

# Enable logging
  level: VERBOSE



  - platform: homeassistant
    id: homeassistant_time

     interval: 25ms
     window: 25ms
     duration: 30min
     active: False

  - platform: ble_rssi
# Change to your detected mac address 
    mac_address: D6:32:01:4D:23:BC
    name: "PIR BLE  RSSI value"
    internal: true
    force_update: true
        - script.execute: script_fire_pir

  - platform: template
    id: template_pir
    name: "WC PIR sensor"

  - id: script_fire_pir
      - if:
            - script.is_running: script_fire_pir_actual
            - script.stop: script_fire_pir_actual
      - script.execute: script_fire_pir_actual
  - id: script_fire_pir_actual
      - if:
            lambda: |-
                // time_hb is last assumed heartbeat time
                // time_now is now
                // time_detect is the last assumed real detection
                id(time_now) = id(homeassistant_time).now().timestamp;
                if ( id(time_hb) == 0 )  id(time_hb) = id(time_now) ; 
                if ( id(time_detect) == 0 )  id(time_detect) = 9 ;  //id(time_now) ; 
                ESP_LOGD( "main",  "time_hb  %i time_detect %i  " , (int) time_hb , (int) time_detect ) ;
                auto gap_hb = ((id(time_now) - id(time_hb)) % 1800 );
                auto gap_detect = ((id(time_detect) - id(time_hb)) % 1800 );
                ESP_LOGD( "main",  "gap_hb  %i gap_detect %i  " , (int) gap_hb , (int) gap_detect ) ;
                auto gap_hb_bool = ((( gap_hb > 298 ) || (  gap_hb < 2 ) ));
                auto gap_detect_bool = (( gap_detect > 1798 ) || ( ( gap_detect < 3 ) && (gap_detect >=0) ));
                //auto gap_detect_bool = ((( gap_detect < 1798 ) && (  gap_detect > 2 ) ));
                if ( gap_hb_bool  || gap_detect_bool )  {
                       id(time_hb) = id(time_now) ;  
                   } else {
                       id(time_detect) = id(time_now) ; 
                ESP_LOGD( "main",  "time_hb  %i time_detect %i  " , (int) time_hb , (int) time_detect ) ;
                return  !(gap_hb_bool || gap_detect_bool);
            - logger.log: "Looks like a real detection"
            - binary_sensor.template.publish:
                id: template_pir
                state: ON
            - delay: 3s #${auto_delay_quick}
            - binary_sensor.template.publish:
                id: template_pir
                state: OFF
            - logger.log: "Looks like a heartbeat, (or scan response or battery level transmit)"

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Hey All,

I purchased the Arlec Smart LED Globes (CWWW, Not the RGBWW ones) which converted fine using tuya-convert however after using more or less the same ESPHome config that I used with “Connect Smart” globes from Harvey Norman they behaved very oddly in HA. After some poking at the black box, it looked like one GPIO on the ESP8266 controlled brightness and the other controlled the colour temp. This doesn’t seem to work with any of the components in ESPHome that i could find so I thouoght I would have a go. I have published the custom light component on GitHub in case anyone else get these globes.

The caveat that I would say is that there is some ability to calibrate the colour’s using the default CWWW component in ESPHome that you will not get with this, and the brightness does not appear overly linear so I wouldn’t mix them with other lights (not that I would anyway) but it works.

This should work with anything else that uses a BP5926 to control the LED’s with possibly some changes to the GPIO assignment in the ESPHome YAML config file.

Hi All,
Just Successfully flashed and made a Tasmota template for Brilliant Smart GU10 - RGB+W bulb.

Model Number: 20888

Have submitted to the blakadder template site (not up yet)

Template Below


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Hi all,
I just found out that IKEA’s Fyrtur and Kadrilj smart blinds (zigbee) are now available in Australia - see

I believe there is already a support built-in to HA, however, I don’t have a link handy and it’s too late to research it on my phone.


These have been long awaited by many. Keen to hear how they stack up…



Anyone use the NUE range from 3A Smart home?

Considering getting a bunch of their plates, in wall inline switches and downlights unsure on the quality, and bigger question, do i go WIFI or Zigbee and use my Philips HUE hub, confirmed that all items will pair up

Interesting to see they only have a 300W per gang limit. Ok if you are using LED bulbs but what happens if someone happens to put old 100w bulbs in and you have 4 or 5 on the circuit?
Most others seem to be 600W upward…

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Got them a month ago, had nothing but problems with them so far trying to pair with Zigbee2mqtt.
Couldn’t pair them to a Tradfri gateway no matter how hard I tried too.
Had 4, returned 1 and the gateway for now…

If you have a search for cwww2 in esphome threads there is another component that handles this setup.

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