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No Sorry, I have door/window contacts, temp sensors and a smart plug only with is Xiaomi

So you’re not getting an event with the Xiaomi button? You should be able to subscribe to ZHA events in the Developer section to see if anything comes through when you press the button.

After trying again to pair the button, I have it listed and have named it. I’ve also managed to detect it using the zha_event listener in the dev tools. I can see the difference between singe and double clicks but not long_press… any ideas?. Thanks guys

I am using zigbee2mqtt. I had an issue with one the other day not seeming to report the long press. I changed my automation to listen for HOLD instead as I could see that come through early on in the logs.

So the SSD died in my Pi :frowning: and I only had a really old backup :sob:

EVERYONE create a backup and copy off the Pi NOW

I have rebuilt and restored an old backup using a VM on my QNAP
zigbee2mqtt is now working with my conbee :slight_smile:

No need.

It happens automatically every night for me. I suggest you set up one of these three options:

To a NAS: Samba Backup: Create and store snapshots on a Samba share

To Goggle Drive: Add-on: Google Drive Backup

To DropBox: Add-on: Upload hassio snapshots to Dropbox


Yeah I highly recommend the google drive backup addon. but if you use a secrets file probably also using github for your config is good.

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Thanks @tom_l

I have now setup the NAS backup option, which then my QNAP backups to AWS :slight_smile:

That was easy. I have been meaning to do this for a while. So simple!

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So the SSD died in my Pi :frowning: and I only had a really old backup :sob:

Did you mean micro-SD card maybe (rPi don’t have SSD)?

They are notoriously unreliable, so a lot of people now run an external SSD drives via USB on their rPI units.

Nope SSD
I was using a old 240GB SSD as the micro SD cards are meant to be unreliable

Is there any powerboard which has individual socket control and monitoring, which works with ESPHome ?
Would prefer to not use a bunch of smart plugs on the board, as hopefully a powerboard is cheaper

On the plug front
Are the current kogan (with USB) still flashable with ESPHome ?

Arlec PB88UHA I did with tasmota a while back. I make no guarantee it will still be flashable, it will likely get the psk error now. it has a tasmota template on blakadder, not sure if someone has converted it to esphome.

not sure I have seen power monitoring on a powerboard.

Yes. I flashed it with serial and it works great. Used a $3.50 USB to serial converter from Amazon. Connected the wires to the chip using stapler pins and alligator clips (no soldering).

How far did you get with the hub ?
Get it working yet ?

What is a stapler pin?

Purchased some of the Kogan SmarterHome Plugs with usb about a week ago ( I believe they now have the new firmware on them and I couldn’t flash them with tuya-convert. Managed to pry open the case and flash with tasmota by soldering to the wifi module (had to remove it from the board first to do a proper job). Case is not easily opened though and I cracked it quite badly. This being the case I wouldn’t recommend these plugs until tuya-convert is updated to work with new firmware.

Some photos,

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Is this actively being worked on ?
Looking at GitHub there’s been no updates for 4 months.

Used standard stapler pins, straightened them - they fit perfectly.

Like from a stapler you use to join paper together?